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HEC Paris Alumni Interviews Reveal Where MBAs Can Take You

New HEC Paris site profiles over 70 alumni and counting, with CEOs and top analysts included

Written by Rob Kirby | MBA Application | Friday 11th February 2011 10:29:23 GMT

Jean-Pierre Dick explains how he started off as a vet and ended up sailing for charity

Jean-Pierre Dick explains how he started off as a vet and ended up sailing for charity

If you’re considering an MBA, then it’s likely you’ll spend a lot of time searching for alumni at events and online to get the inside picture. But if you’re interested in the prestigious HEC Paris, then you’re in luck: the school has done all the work for you.

On HEC Paris' MBA Stories page you can find interviews with over 70 previous students, including several video stories. These grads are now all over the world, working in all sorts of sectors and have a ton of knowledge to impart about the pros of studying an MBA. And you could even look one or two up if your ambitions match their achievements...

A tip: make sure you click 'details' in each profile (just below the person's name) for a deeper look at what they've been up to since graduation.

Below are a taste of the videos on offer.

Marcus Magarian, a multilingual Brazilian Armenian who grew up in New York, explains how HEC opened up even more of the world to him – including Africa.

Sahara Amun Kumar discovered she had a particularly useful people skill during her course and is now putting it to use in the real world.

Jean-Pierre Dick went from vet to MBA student to yacht skipper in a race around the globe. But did he win?

HEC Paris

Read more stories about students, alumni and programmes at HEC Paris.


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Sunday 27th February 2011, 23.54 (UTC)

Alexandra Dean

wonderful set of interviews - be great to if there was a website where you could see latest videos from all the business schools in one place

Monday 28th February 2011, 01.21 (UTC)

Nathan Portman

very helpful videos

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