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America’s 17 Best Business Schools According To MBA Employers

Harvard, Stanford, and Wharton are the business schools from which companies prefer to recruit

Written by Seb Murray | MBA Careers | Friday 13th January 2017 18:51:00 GMT

Harvard Business School remains the US’s best MBA provider based on employability

Harvard Business School remains the US’s best MBA provider based on employability

Business school can launch you into a fulfilling career in banking, tech, or management consulting. 

But which business schools do employers rate the highest?

QS surveyed 12,000 MBA employers globally to provide insight into the best full-time MBA programs for graduate employability.

Harvard Business School remains the US’s best MBA provider based on employability. Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business is second and University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School is third. 

QS ranked business schools in Europe separately. London Business School is the top school in Europe for employability, followed by INSEAD and HEC Paris of France. 

Each employer was asked to list the international schools from which they have recently recruited MBAs. Employers were then asked to identify the schools from that list which they regard as attractive to hire MBAs. These votes are combined to create ‘total employer votes’. 

The MBA is primarily of interest to those who want to advance their careers in terms of promotion and salary. According to a report from the Graduate Management Admissions Council this week, 79% of employers expect to hire MBAs in 2017, and 58% of them plan to bump up MBAs’ starting annual base salaries.

In recent years young managers have increasingly questioned the value of an MBA degree. The high cost of tuition and the lost earnings because of full-time study mean there’s a greater focus on return on investment.

For this reason, business school aspirants should carefully consider which MBA programs are more likely to land them jobs. We’ve compiled QS’ survey into a list of the 17 best business schools in the US according to employers. 


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