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Bath Facts

  • The Bath MBA is ranked 1st in the UK for the category 'Salary Increase'
  • Bath FT MBA is ranked 2nd in UK & 20th in the world - The Economist: Which MBA? 2013
  • Not all candidates for University of Bath are required to take the GMAT
  • University of Bath accommodation costs between£69 to £95 per week
  • The University of Bath MBA female to male ratio is 37:63 respectively
  • 88% of the University of Bath's MBAs are international
  • The university of Bath MBA has a class size of only 60 people

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Example Essay Questions

These are some sample Bath MBA admission essay questions from 2008-2009

Q1. Goals, Why Bath MBA (500 words)

"What factors have contributed to your decision to embark on an MBA? Why have you decided to apply for the Bath MBA programme specifically? What are your professional goals and how will the Bath MBA help you achieve them?"

Q2. Intl diversity experience (500 words)

"A significant number of our students possess international managerial experience. What experience and challenges have you had in working with people from different backgrounds/cultures other than your own? How have you benefited from this experience?"

Q3. Challenges OR Uncertainty (500 words)

" Please answer either 3a or 3b: a) What are the main challenges facing managers and organisations in the 21st century? Please relate them to an organisation you know well. OR b) To what extent can managers plan under the conditions of uncertainty which characterise today?s business context?"

Q4. Ethical dilemma (500 words)

"Describe a professional situation or ethical dilemma you found difficult to resolve. How did you deal with it? What have you learned from this experience?"

Tim Chater, Bath MBA

About Bath School of Management

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Set in a leafy campus overlooking a beautiful sandstone City, the University of Bath School of Management is one of the UK's leading business schools, with a strong reputation for research and an MBA programme that the Economist ranks overall 2nd in the UK, 21st in the globe, and 3rd in the world for salary increase.

In term time the postgraduate business community buzzes with 200 MBA students, 370 Master’s students and 210 full- and part-time research students. More than 1,000 undergraduates add to the energetic environment.

The faculty is comprised of 90 teaching and research staff with a support team of around 70. Research, across all areas of management, is structured around issue-based, multi-disciplinary groups, with a number of research centres such as the impressive Centre for Business Organisations & Society (CBOS), which undertakes research that informs decision makers in government, companies and finance houses of the changing nature of business responsibilities and the merits of social responsiveness.

Designed for mature individuals with several years’ relevant management experience, the full-time Bath MBA is an intensive one-year of study. It is a rigorous, academic programme taught within a high contact environment - a key differentiator is the dynamic exchange and debate that takes place during lectures and associated networking. It is therefore important that candidates have experience of business, the confidence to develop arguments and present business models individually and as part of a team.

The Executive Bath MBA has the same course content as the full time programme and is mostly taught via 5-day modules (Monday to Friday) on campus at Bath. Our Executive, part-time route is fast tracked into 2 years of study with the flexibility to extend and complete in up to a maximum of 5 years.

Following the part-time route, candidates take the equivalent of 12 weeks of study on campus at Bath to cover Stages 1 and 2. They then have up to 5 months to complete their 'final project or dissertation' at Stage 3. Attendance on campus is not normally required during the final stage of the programme.

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The FT MBA and the PT EMBA

The Full-Time MBA

The FT MBA is a 12 month course, students describe the course as "very practical, not only does it give you general business knowledge, but it prepares you for being a successful manager in real business life". It is designed for mature individuals with a few years of management experience under their belts, which is reflected in the average MBA age of 33.

The course is divided into projects and modules varying between 2 and 5 days in length. Click here to read about the individual modules in more detail or click on the image below:

The Part-Time Executive MBA

Both the full-and part-time, Executive Bath MBA have the same course content. The part-time programme is taught via 5-day modules (Monday to Friday) on campus at Bath compressed into 2 years with the flexibility to extend and complete in up to a maximum of 5 years.

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