Turkish Banking And Shanghai Learning

Nancy Liu expects that demand for finance specialists will outstrip demand for strategy specialists in Shanghai

Nancy Liu is from Xi’an City in Shaanxi province, hometown of the Terracotta Warriors. Having worked for a major Turkish bank in Shanghai for many years, she is now studying for an MBA at The Shanghai Advanced Institute of Finance. We caught up with Nancy to find out why.

Having studied Turkish as an undergraduate, Nancy went to work for a Turkish bank in their Shanghai office. But after nearly five years “I figured out I needed to recharge myself if I wanted a broader career path at a higher level” so she decided to study for an MBA.

When it came to choosing a business school Nancy wanted to remain in her home country: “I plan to root my career in China because  of the incredibly fast growth and business opportunities here. A domestic MBA program benefits me more in terms of widening domestic networking and giving me a better understanding of how to do business in China.”

Choosing SAIF was an easy decision for Nancy as it is such a renowned business school “and its mother university is Shanghai Jiaotong University, a top-tier university in China.”

It has a strong professor team with tenured professors from MIT, Princeton, Yale, Northwestern University, UC-Berkeley, UC-LA, and University of British Columbia.

For Nancy, the SAIF Finance MBA is the best MBA focusing on finance in China: “The speciality of finance matches my career plan and on top of that my classmates are all finance-related. Some of them are from the finance industry and some of them intend to work in the finance industry after graduation. This closely matches my career plan.”

With Shanghai aiming to be a world-class financial centre by 2020, Nancy says the timing is right to learn about finance rather than that other business school staple, strategy: "There will be demand in Shanghai for more and more financial practitioners with global vision."

SAIF has been a real learning experience and with an exchange at the University of New South Wales in Australia, Nancy has learnt a lot about international business.

She hopes to find a job in a financial institution, “preferably a bank or a security company abroad. I want to accumulate some overseas work experience to widen my global vision before starting my career in China.”

Nancy says that the most exciting part of her MBA is the intellectual challenge: "I need to learn subjects that are completely new to me very quickly and finish lots of tasks within a limited time. It's good as I'm able to see my weaknesses and adjust myself accordingly by coping with the challenges.”


Jen Ten

Tuesday 27th December 2011, 11.22 (Europe/Paris)

I think you're really sensible to 'root' your career in China Nancy - I have lots of Chinese friends here in New York but many of them are now thinking of building business links back in China as the growth potential is so much better

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