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We play a key role in changing the way many of the world’s largest companies work. Clients count on us to solve complicated business problems using proprietary knowledge, data, and cutting-edge technology. The innovative applications that power our Solutions are unique thanks to our technology group who develop state-of-the-art tools through smart engineering and rapid−fire deployments. If you’re passionate about new ideas and innovation and you want to join a team as diverse as it is creative, then we'd love to hear from you.
Focus on Technology
Technology is in our DNA—and we know it's in yours too. Just like you, we take pride in developing new services and tools. Whether we are programmers and developers, or client service professionals, we create the best Solutions we can for our clients. And then make them better still.
Our developers currently write most of their code in C# and we adhere to TDD and SOLID principles. Our Agile approach allows us to build quality Solutions very quickly—which frees up time to discover new technologies and to find more ways to help our clients.
McKinsey Solutions was started by entrepreneurs who challenged traditional thinking and came up with a new model for serving clients. Our Solutions have been developed and are run by impassioned change agents.
Our culture is based on entrepreneurship—because our people carve their own path, they have great ideas and they have the drive to make things happen. If you're passionate about being an entrepreneur, then come and talk to us. We can help make your ambitions and dreams become reality.
Exceptional people
A big reason many of us joined McKinsey—and why we stay—is the people. They make our experience here rewarding, valuable, and fun. Despite our immensely diverse backgrounds, we share several key strengths
We are:
  • Passionate about enjoying the challenges, people, and ideas we work with every day
  • Supportive and help each other to stretch our abilities and achieve our aspirations
  • Collaborative because we succeed by working as partners with our clients and each other to share our knowledge, insights, and experience
  • Diverse with people from all academic and professional backgrounds and life experiences
  • Driven as we love to take ownership and make things happen



McKinsey Solutions is an integral part of McKinsey & Company and dedicated to bringing the Firm’s expertise, frameworks, and tools to intuitive IT platforms that enable companies to build their capabilities for long-term impact. McKinsey Solutions consists of more than 500 people  from diverse backgrounds such as experienced business professionals, consultants, entrepreneurs, product managers, programmers, and systems engineers. We’re all united by a common passion to create Solutions that deliver McKinsey proprietary knowledge to our clients through state-of-the-art software and services. We have a dynamic culture that combines the excitement and energy of start-ups with a large global management consultancy. 



McKinsey Solutions is a new kind of service from McKinsey & Company, combining 85 years of industry and functional expertise with data science. This unique blend of capabilities enables us to equip you with innovative 'Solutions' -our name for packages of data, software and expertise- that channel McKinsey knowledge and provide a clear view of complex problems. 

Our Solutions are complementary to our project-based client service and equip private and public sector organizations worldwide to:
  • Drive faster, more effective decisions every day
  • Get entire organizations acting on a common basis
  • Build knowledge and capabilities for the future
  • Make a continuous impact on performance over the long term

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