McKinsey Solutions News

  • Diego Ramos joined McKinsey Solutions with 15 years of experience as an IT engineer

    Inside McKinsey Solutions: Diego Ramos Marcos

    Diego is a specialist with Wave, a McKinsey Solution that supports transformation and change programs by tracking progress and measuring impact.

    28 Sep 2016

  • Roni Lieber joined McKinsey Solutions because it offered the opportunity to quickly become an expert

    Inside McKinsey Solutions: Roni Lieber

    Former scientific researcher Roni Lieber is a solution specialist with McKinsey Solutions, based in Tel Aviv, where she helps organisations use data analytics to improve performance

    30 Aug 2016

  • Wei Lu says that the opportunity to work with talented colleagues keeps her at McKinsey

    Inside McKinsey Solutions: Wei Lu

    Wei Lu is a specialist with Periscope, a McKinsey Solution focused on improving pricing and promotions

    3 Aug 2016