Andreas connections

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  • Kate Jillings
    Kate Jillings, London, United Kingdom
    Commercial Director, truRating
  • Sian Morley-Smith
    Sian Morley-Smith, London, United Kingdom
    Co-founder, Pelicanconnect, United Kingdom
  • Kirti Dhingra
    Kirti Dhingra, Delhi, India
    Product Marketing Manager, Yahoo! Inc., India Indonesia Philippines Singapore Vietnam
  • Jen Ten
    Jen Ten, New York, United States of America
    Novartis, United States of America
  • Mark Murray
    Mark Murray, London, United Kingdom
  • Rajesh Subramanian
    Rajesh Subramanian, Birmingham, United Kingdom
    Project Manager / Practice Head, Capgemini, India
  • Rashmi Krishna Kumar
    Rashmi Krishna Kumar, London, United Kingdom
    Reporter, Campden Publishing, United Kingdom
  • Paul Aliu
    Paul Aliu, Abuja, Nigeria
  • himanshu Luthra
    himanshu Luthra, London, United Kingdom
    Program Manager, Cisco Systems, United Kingdom
  • Giulia Cambieri
    Giulia Cambieri, London, United Kingdom
    Editorial Intern, BusinessBecause, United Kingdom