Andres connections

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  • Kate Jillings
    Kate Jillings, London, United Kingdom
    Commercial Director, truRating
  • Jimmy Low
    Jimmy Low, Frankfurt, Germany
    Business Development Manager, Maxis Communications, Malaysia
  • Murat Bayrak
    Murat Bayrak, Madrid, Spain
    Project Superintendent, Socar&Turcas Refinery, Turkey
  • Marcel Kalis
    Marcel Kalis, Berlin, Germany
    ESMT European School of Management and Technology, Germany
  • Karan Khurana
    Karan Khurana, Berlin, Germany
    Technical Lead, Infosys Limited, India
  • Oliver Hasse
    Oliver Hasse, Munich, Germany
    Senior Manager (from January 2014), Deloitte, Germany
  • Dmitry Krasnozhon
    Dmitry Krasnozhon, Berlin, Germany
    Associate Manager - Performance Improvement, PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), Russian Federation
  • John Antony
    John Antony, Berlin, Germany
    Manager - Operational Excellence, Standard Chartered Bank, India
  • Iurie Ataman
    Iurie Ataman, Frankfurt, Germany
    Export Sales Manager, Nissin Foods
  • Jorge Roel
    Jorge Roel, Monterrey, Mexico
    Sales Manager, Vangard, Mexico