Accenture Members

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Abby Thomas

London - United Kingdom

Japanese, Naganuma

Consultant, Accenture

Abhilash Menon

Mumbai - India


Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.), S.P. Jain Institute of Management & Research

Senior Programmer, Accenture

Abhishek Guha Thakurta

#5201 mainsail apartments 5108 Eisenhower blvd Tampa Florida 33634 - United States

Senior Middleware Engineer, Bristol-Myers Squibb

Senior Programmer/Senior Software Engineer, Accenture


coventry - United Kingdom


MBA (MBA), Warwick Business School

Accenture, United States of America

Alagu Shankar

Chennai - India

Application Packaging Manager, Accenture, India

Application Packaging Manager, Accenture, India

Albert Font

- France

MBA Exchange (MBA), USC Marshall School of Business

Analyst, Accenture

Alberto Menegatti

Milan - Milan Area, Italy

MBA Candidate 2012, SDA Bocconi School of Management

Senior Consultant, Accenture

Aleksandra Himiceva

Copenhagen - Denmark

MBA, Copenhagen Business School (CBS)

Consultant, Accenture, Norway

Alessandro Alberici

Milan - Italy

Business/Management (MBA), MIP

Analyst, Accenture, France

Alessandro C - France


MBA, HEC Paris

Consultant, Accenture

Alexander Lerch

Zürich Area - Switzerland


Full-Time MBA, SDA Bocconi School of Management

Consultant, Accenture

Alissa Del Toro

Washington D.C. Metro Area - United States

Systems Integration Analyst, Accenture

Systems Integration Analyst, Accenture

Allison Myers

Ann Arbor - Greater Detroit Area

MBA Candidate, Michigan - Ross

Intern Consultant - Strategy, Accenture

Álvaro Palomo Collazo

Madrid Area - Spain

Grains & Sunflower Seeds Commercial Assistant Spain, Cargill

Operations Intern, Accenture

Amarnath Vazrala

Rotterdam - Netherlands


Finance (MBA), Erasmus University - Rotterdam School of Management

Senior Software Engineer, Accenture

Ameya Sawalkar

Belfast - United Kingdom


MBA (Masters), University of Ulster

Senior Tester, Accenture, India

Andre Kashiwara

London - United Kingdom

MBA (MBA), Imperial College Business School

Associate Manager, Accenture, Brazil

Andre Magnani

Floripa1 - United States

Systems Integration Consulting Analyst, Accenture

Systems Integration Consulting Analyst, Accenture

Andrea Beltrame

Milan Area - Italy

Master of Business Administration (MBA), MIP

Senior Manager, Accenture

Andreia Domingues

Lisbon - Lisbon Area, Portugal


Founder, Cobaias Intelectuais, Portugal

Strategy Consultant, Accenture