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GMAT On Your Doorstep

Some lucky test-takers in the US can minimise travel hassle by booking a place on the GMAT mobile test centre

By  Rob Kirby

Fri Mar 4 2011

There's good news for many of you in the US applying to business school: you may not need to find your way to a registered testing center in a major city.

The GMAT Bus made its first trip in 2006 and continues to tour US institutions and towns today. You'll find all the same facilities inside asin a regular testing center but on a smaller scale, as it only has room to test six people simultaneously. And yes, they stop driving while you sit the test.

The registration and testing process is just the same as for the 'normal' (i.e. stationary) test centres. But you'll need to first look at the schedules to see if the bus is heading your way. Business schools don’t make allowances for students who have to travel long distances to sit their GMAT, so this is well worth considering for anyone outside of major cities.