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MBA Students Demand Refunds For Online Coronavirus Classes

Read our April 7 coronavirus roundup, as Wharton and Stanford MBAs request tuition relief and refunds after classes are put online

By  Business Because

Tue Apr 7 2020


April 7 Roundup

MBA students want ‘tuition relief’

 MBA students at top business schools like Wharton and Stanford have signed online petitions requesting that tuition fees are reduced as their learning experience and—they argue—the value of their MBA degree, has been impacted by coronavirus. In a letter to the school’s leadership, Wharton MBAs said:

We remain in prevalent agreement that virtual coursework, however well executed, does not provide the same educational value as the normal in-person classes that we expected when we enrolled. 

With that reality in mind, once this immediate health crisis has stabilized we would like to open a dialogue regarding conditions under which Wharton MBA students might receive an appropriate amount of relief of tuition payments or other forms of assistance to compensate for the period during which the school’s operations are affected. 

Read the full petition letter here

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Berkeley Haas tell you how to lead in a crisis

 Berkeley Executive Education has released a free weekly video series featuring top faculty offering insights on leading through crisis. The videos feature Berkeley Haas professors offering their expertise across a wide range of fields—from psychology, sociology, and organizational behavior to economics and neuroscience.

Watch Jenny Chatman shares her tips on how leaders can help their employees stay focused during this time of uncertainty: 

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