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The three-day online Prep Camp will help applicants prepare for GMAT and also get expert advice on choosing and applying to and funding their MBA!

The Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC), the non-profit organisation that owns and administers the GMAT exam, is offering an interactive online Prep Camp, including free GMAT preparation for business school prospectives from across the world. 
The GMAT exam is the most widely used assessment for graduate management admissions and the most reliable predictor of academic success in graduate business studies. It is accepted by more than 5,700 programs around the world and administered at 560 test centres in 110 countries. 
The three-day virtual Prep Camp will be held from April 16 to 18, and we’ve spoken to Betsy McIntyre, Director of Product Management at GMAC, to find out what participants can expect.
GMAT Prep Camp is for anyone interested in a graduate business degree. Participants can expect advice on how to prepare for business school and talks led by senior admissions professionals at top business schools. 
“We want to help people get the information they need about the GMAT and choosing the right business school”, said Betsy. GMAC wants to engage more with prospective b-school students, she said. “We want to be seen as more than just the test”. 
On Day 1, April 16, students will have the opportunity to be part of a live webinar about preparing yourself financially for business school. The session will be led by Ann Richards, Associate Director of Admissions, Financial Aid, and Inclusion at the S.C. Johnson Graduate School of Management, Cornell University and Irina Schneider-Maunory, Assistant Director Financing, Degree Programs, INSEAD.
The session is aimed at helping participants explore the “true cost” of attending a graduate programme without letting tuition costs determine where to apply. 
Day 2, April 17 includes a live Twitter chat introducing the GMAT exam and a discussion on how admissions officers use the GMAT in making admissions decision. George J. Andrews, Chicago Booth Associate Dean for Evening MBA and Weekend MBA Programs, and Keegan Pierce, Associate Admissions Director, ESADE, will be on hand to answer questions. 
Day 3, April 18 will be focused on study tips for your best GMAT exam. Betsy McIntyre and Ashok Sarathy, Vice President, GMAT Program, will host a live webinar to answer questions about the GMAT exam, including the recent addition of the Integrated Reasoning section, as well as study materials. 
Betsy has been with GMAC for ten years now. She started out by marketing the GMAT exam and  has also worked on managing prep products such as the Official Guides for GMAT Review and outreach to GMAC’s student database. 
Betsy is definitely no stranger to the GMAT. She gained an MBA in 2000 and then joined GMAC right after. She is familiar with the evolution of the GMAT from the pencil-and-paper test (which she took before going to business school herself), to the computer adaptive version launched in 1997, to its current format, which includes the Integrated Reasoning section added last year. 
Betsy's advice for people applying to business school now is to “Study like mad for the GMAT exam and to give yourself enough time to write my application essays well”. 
If people are nervous about taking the GMAT exam, it may be because “they are taking an exam that will help them define who they can become in the business world over the next few years”, she said.  
“It is important to prepare for the GMAT because it is a challenging test, but in reality, the GMAT exam is just one piece of the puzzle. Schools want to see the whole person, including their work experience and their post-MBA aspirations”, she said. 
“Studying hard for the GMAT gives you a chance to stand out from the crowd and show what you can do academically. For the rest of the application, you need to tell a really good story about yourself, so I would spend a lot of time trying to get to know myself and my strengths and weaknesses”, said Betsy. 
Business schools typically ask for reflective essays on who the applicants are, why they want to attend business school, and what their career goals are. GMAC recently introduced a new soft skills assessment called Reflect by GMAC that includes an online personality assessment and tailored advice to help people get a realistic self-appraisal. 
Throughout Prep Camp, GMAC and its host of partner experts will be on Twitter handle @officialgmat monitoring and having conversations with folks all around the world.
Since they started hosting the event, they have had more than 50,000 people from 120 countries join, and this upcoming camp promises to be equally exciting! 
Another feature to look out for during Prep Camp is a Scavenger Hunt where GMAC posts questions in return for prizes and giveaways at the end of the camp.
Prizes include practice materials such as Basic GMAT Study Collection and a $250 dollar GMAT exam gift voucher.
The Prep Camp programme has been designed so that there’s something for every  participant, regardless of their time-zone. Visit here to learn more about it and to register. 

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