The Best Study Spots in London!

Taking the GMAT or CFA in London? Read's guide to the best hot-spots for studying in England's capital! Head to one of these London coffee shops with a study-buddy.

This is a guest post by Minnal Dhingra, from admissions experts

We often make studying for the GMAT or CFA unnecessarily hard and lonesome. Let’s take the CFA for example; here’s a couple of ways to take the mundane out of it!

For starters, find a study partner or form a study group for the GMAT or find a CFA study buddy on, and get out of the house or office!

Go to the Coffee Shops. London has plenty of coffee options. Ozone Coffee Roasters- two floors with quiet places; an ideal place to study with your study buddy or study group for the standardized tests. Then there is Fix, which has even more space than Ozone. Finish an hour of questions on that Schweser guide, followed with ten minutes of people watching on a Sunday afternoon, and the study experience for the CFA does not seem that much of a chore any longer.

The Department of Coffee and Social Affairs in Farringdon offers free Wi-Fi and plenty of room. Fleet River Bakery is a good option near the London School of Economics and is a great place to feel the buzz of campus life and a place to study with a buddy for the CFA after work.

Then, there are the libraries. The British Library near Euston, with its 11 reading rooms, is a great place to be surrounded by motivated people. Public libraries such as the Whitechapel Library offer free Internet access as well as a crèche for students with children.

To ace your GMAT test or CFA, find your ideal study spot outside the house, find your ideal study buddy on, and the CFA prep might just be a little less arduous. It will also help you focus and stay motivated!

Don’t study hard, study smart.

Good Luck!

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