What is the impact of coronavirus on business schools? We bring you the latest updates including campus closures, changes to MBA admission requirements, and more

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2020 MBA Application Deadlines

Oxford & Mastercard Launch Online Cyber Skills Course

April 22 Roundup

Online cyber skills course

With an unprecedented number of professionals now working remotely, staying safe online has become more important than ever before.Oxford University campus

In response, the University of Oxford, Saïd Business School, and Mastercard will be launching a new Cyber Futures program, designed to give executives the skills they need to recognize cyber risks and opportunities. 

“Demand for online learning has reached unprecedented levels in the wake of brader digital advancements, and more recently the COVID-19 crisis,” says Andrew White, associate dean for executive education at Saïd Business School.

The six-week program will be delivered entirely online, and cover topics ranging from data privacy to digital ethics. 

Business school leaders optimistic about management education’s future

Even in these uncertain times, business school leaders are confident that management education can adapt, a report by the Association of MBAs (AMBA) and the Business Graduates Association (BGA) has found. 

According to the report, which surveyed 350 decision-makers at business schools around the globe, 95% of leaders in the sector are optimistic about the future of their school.

AMBA report

84% of respondents rated their own business school as either ‘very good’ or ‘excellent,’ and expect to increase their capacity in the next three years. 

A number of schools, 17%, are planning to do this by opening a campus overseas. Given the current restrictions on travel, however, these plans may be deferred.

The survey also revealed that the majority of schools are keen to work collaboratively, with 51% reporting ties to other institutions and 68% of schools had at least one formal partnership with a corporate organization.

“We know that AMBA & BGA business schools have been resilient, and indeed grown, as the world around them has changed,” comments Will Dawes, research and insight manager at AMBA & BGA.

One important area where schools report trouble is helping their graduates into jobs. In fact, only 67% of schools said they were 'doing well' at this, and the economic impact of coronavirus could make things even more challenging. 

Coronavirus crisis highlights the value of an MBA, say business school deans

In turbulent times, businesses need skilled leadership more than ever, say Toby McChesney and Monica Powell, both associate deans at prominent US business schools. Monica Powell

Toby is senior assistant dean at the Leavey School of Business at Santa Clara University, while Monica Powell is senior associate dean at the Naveen Jindal School of Management at the University of Texas at Dallas. 

Toby is also the chair of the BusinessCAS Advisory Board, of which Monica is a member. The Board seeks to drive innovation and collaboration in business education. 

In the face of the current pandemic, they say, now is the time to upskill. With the sudden transition to remote working, the problem-solving and leadership skills an MBA helps develop have become crucial.

As more business schools introduce the joint MD and MBA degree, opportunities also arise for graduates to make their mark in public health, helping to tackle and prevent future outbreaks. Toby McChesney

In the coming months, Toby and Monica expect MBAs and similar programs to retain their popularity. 

With so many workers furloughed or laid off, professionals will be tempted to use this extra time to focus on their personal development, and gain new marketable skills. 

Cass Business School lecturer tracks employee wellbeing in lockdown 

With over half the world’s population currently in lockdown, Cass Business School’s Dr Annelore Huyghe has set out to uncover what the ongoing disruption means for our wellbeing at work.

Annelore hopes that her study will reveal how employees and managers are responding to the changes in their lives, and what this means for their general health.

Currently, she is gathering information through a 20 minute survey, which will remain open for volunteers to fill out until Sunday.

Industry Bodies Demand Delay To Business School Rankings

April 22 Roundup

B-school bodies request rankings delay

Top business school industry bodies—GMAC, AACSB and EFMD—have requested a collaborative discussion with business school rankings organizations as COVID-19 continues to impact business education. 

In the letter to top MBA and b-school rankings providers—including the Financial Times, US News, the Economist, Forbes, and Bloomberg—industry leaders highlight how the current environment could alter key metrics that rankings institutions rely on to produce their respective data sets. 

Best online MBA programs

One ranking that has gone ahead is that of QS which released its ranking of the best online MBA programs in the world with Spain’s IE Business School coming out on top. 

IE Business School’s 18-month program costs $55,636. The remaining top five include Imperial College Business School (2nd), Warwick Business School (3rd), AGSM (4th), and MIP Politecnico di Milano (5th).

With coronavirus closing schools and social distancing measures putting a halt to campus education, interest in online MBA programs looks set to peak.

Read our full report:

best online mba programs qs

GMAT Online Exam: Using the Digital Whiteboard

One question mark over the new GMAT Online Exam is that you can’t use a pen and paper to take notes during the test. This is a security measure to ensure the test cannot be cheated. 

The only alternative you have is to use your mouse to write on an online whiteboard integrated into the online GMAT test.

If you’re taking the GMAT Online exam, then read our step-by-step guide to mastering the digital whiteboard.

gmat online exam whiteboard tips

5 ways MBA programs are changing

MBA programs were changing even before the coronavirus crisis, with new topics on the curriculum and new ways of learning. Read the full article.

top mba programs changing

Calculate your readiness for an MBA program

It’s Wednesday, but you can still take Accepted.com’s test of MBA program readiness.

Association Of MBAs Launches Coronavirus Fundraising Campaign

April 21 Roundup

Sharing valuable business lessons to raise money for coronavirus relief

As coronavirus relief efforts continue in earnest, the UK-based accreditation body, Association of MBAs (AMBA), is jumping to action with a new fundraising initiative—the MBA Challenge.

AMBA is asking graduates from around the world to share the five most valuable lessons they learned at business school.

For each lesson learned, participants are asked to donate £1 ($1.23) towards AMBA’s COVID-19 Relief Fund, which supports vital charities like Doctors without Borders and Actionaid. 

AMBA hopes the lessons graduates share will raise awareness of the importance of graduate management education during global challenges, as well as directly raising money to tackle coronavirus head-on.

Coronavirus & MBA Admissions: 4 Common Questions Answered

If you’re currently applying to business school, you’re probably wondering what the coronavirus pandemic means for your application.

BusinessBecause asked Scott Edinburgh, founder of admissions consultancy Personal MBA Coach, to answer four of the most common questions that applicants currently have.

Scott revealed that online GMAT testing, virtual campus tours, and remote seminars mean that many applicants can continue their process as usual.

However, other candidates might want to reconsider their application strategy, as schools add rounds and push back application deadlines. 

Coronavirus: MBA admissions questions answered by Scott Edinburgh, Personal MBA Coach founder

Online MBA at Imperial Business School opens for applications

London’s Imperial Business School has just opened applications to its Global Online MBA program, which will begin in January 2021. 

The 24-month program is currently number one in the UK, according to the QS online MBA rankings, and costs £37,600 ($46,285). 

Potential applicants can attend ‘virtual drop-in sessions’ in April and May to find out more. 

As more candidates than ever consider an online MBA due to the travel limitations imposed by coronavirus, we can expect the program to retain its popularity.

 App records your cough to study coronavirus and other diseases

At Nazarbayev University in Kazakhstan, Dr Martin Lukac (below) is working with researchers at the School of Engineering and Digital Sciences to build a Cough Analyzer. Cough Analyzer gathers data for study

The analyzer will act as a diagnostic tool to pick up on diseases like pneumonia, tuberculosis, and now COVID-19.

Researchers are currently gathering a database of coughs, recorded through a mobile app that anyone can download. 

Along with a five second clip, app users will be asked to provide any diagnoses they have had, and posed questions about the nature of their cough—such as whether it is dry or wet, and how long they have had it.

With a large enough data set, it is hoped that the project will lead to improved understanding and diagnosis of coronavirus. 

GMAT Exam: Online Whiteboard How-to

April 20 Roundup

Get familiar with the GMAT Online Exam’s online whiteboard

Last week, we announced the launch of the new Online GMAT Exam, along with online GMAT test prep tips and a Q&A with one of the test’s creators

For security reasons, you cannot take physical notes using pen and paper during the GMAT Online exam and instead need to use an online whiteboard provided onscreen when working our your quant calculations, for example.

This is something new for a lot of candidates used to jotting down complex calculations on a physical notepad. With this in mind, Stacey Koprince, from Manhattan Prep, explains how to best use the online whiteboard and practice ahead of time.

Online GMAT vs GRE

ClearAdmit have made a side-by-side comparison of the online GMAT and GRE tests including cost and technology requirements.

online gmat vs gre

Screenshot from ClearAdmit

Is Udemy worth it?

There’s never been a better time to do an online course. Along with Coursera, Udemy is one of the biggest providers of online courses with 50 million students enrolled on Udemy courses globally. But is doing a Udemy course really worth it? Read the full article.

udemy worth it

Business school deans speak out on coronavirus

We asked deans from Stanford, Oxford Saïd, Cambridge Judge and six other top business schools, to explain the business implications of the coronavirus pandemic.

GMAT and GRE test center closures

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