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AGSM MBA Blog: My Journey In The Lucky Country Begins

In his first blog-post from down under, first-year MBA student Dan Wong says that AGSM has the best of both worlds – a vibrant metropolitan city and a lot of natural beauty.

The phrase “The Lucky Country” couldn’t better describe my reasons to begin an MBA in Australia; the weather, the lifestyle and the great living standards. 

And the Australian Graduate School of Management (AGSM) is simply the best business school down under. It sits nicely at the corner of the University of New South Wales’s campus, and the world-class facilities  –and newly refurbished syndicate rooms – are exclusively for MBA students. 

Most of my cohort chooses to live around the campus, which is about a 15-20 minute bus ride to the Sydney central business district (CBD) and Coogee Beach. It means we can enjoy the best of the two worlds; a very vibrant metropolitan city and a lot of natural beauty. 

AGSM has a smaller cohort size than a lot of other business schools. This year we have around 70 people, a slightly bigger number than previous years. The class truly represents a diverse group of people coming from all walks of life and from different countries. 

It’s definitely easier to develop a stronger bond among the cohort and, by the end of the first week; I more or less recognize who is who in my class. The Student Experience Team has made every effort to make us feel welcome and make sure the hectic schedule – all the lectures, group activities, city tours and networking lunches – go seamlessly smooth. 

Australia is a very sport-obsessed country. While giving a brief overview on contemporary issues the country faces, Professor Mark Stewart didn’t forget to offer students some surfing tips and rip precautions.

One can be easily fooled by the campus’s laid back and relaxed vibe, but the MBA program itself is very intense. On the very first day we were immediately put on the spot by our public speaking coach, who got each of us to deliver a three-minute presentation in front of the whole class. 

Throughout the coming year, we will get constant challenges which stretch our leadership abilities and push us outside of our comfort zones. As Jonathan Jones, Director, Operations and Student Recruitment, put it: an MBA is a journey of transition. 

And I am glad that I will start my journey in this Lucky Country.

Dan Wong: With the orientation week passed, I finally have a chance to sit down and reflect on my AGSM MBA experience so far in Sydney. I want to use my blog to give some practical information about this school for the future and exchange students by sharing my personal experience with the school.


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