Inside McKinsey Solutions: Wei Lu

Wei Lu is a specialist with Periscope, a McKinsey Solution focused on improving pricing and promotions

BusinessBecause gets an inside view of professional life at McKinsey Solutions, the innovative data analytics arm of consulting powerhouse McKinsey and Co. 

Wei Lu is a specialist with Periscope, a McKinsey Solution focused on improving pricing and promotions. She’s based in New Jersey and joined McKinsey after graduating from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign with a MS in finance and applied mathematics.

Why did you apply to McKinsey?

My supervisor at the time was a McKinsey alum. I really appreciated the approach he brought to our daily work, which made me think about what it would be like to be part of the firm and to work with such talented colleagues every day.

Why did you join McKinsey Solutions?

MSO is a new capability within the firm that compliments the traditional McKinsey approach to problem solving. I especially enjoy analytics and designing the tools that drive sustainable impact for our clients.

What keeps you here?

Great colleagues and the opportunity to work on different topics in different industries. Every day is different.

What has been your most challenging/interesting/fun engagement at the firm?

We implemented a pricing tool at a major medical equipment company to ensure the sales force had the information it needed during negotiations. I designed the tool. After using it, one of the sales reps said “when you don’t have a tool, a rock is good.” It is rewarding to provide people with products that help them succeed in their roles.

What advice would you give to candidates interviewing for a position with McKinsey?

Be structured, passionate, and ready to think outside of the box.

McKinsey Solutions is a new service from McKinsey and Company, combining the firm’s industry and functional expertise with data science. McKinsey solutions employ over 500 professionals, including subject matter experts, data analysts, and software developers. The 15 solutions currently offered bring together packages of data, enterprise software and analytical services to help organisations make better decisions. McKinsey Solutions cover industries ranging from consumer goods, to energy, to healthcare and five business functions, including marketing, operations and strategy.

Current vacancies: 

Manager of solution delivery and consulting EMEA, Horizon 360 McKinsey Solution

Senior manager, OrgSolutions

Client Development Executive, Panorama, McKinsey Solution

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