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How An MBA Can Advance Your Career

A hands-on, international approach helped these MIP Politecnico di Milano MBA grads diversify their skillset and leap into their ideal jobs



Wed Nov 21 2018

Moving between different sectors of the business world can be hard if you’re already well established in your respective field.

For many, an MBA is the answer to that challenge. Enhancing your existing skills and broadening your business perspective in an international, hands-on setting is enough to kickstart the career change you crave.

Ana Belén encapsulates that. She moved from Ecuador to Italy in 2017 to study the International Full-time MBA at MIP Politecnico di Milano.

She came into the program as a telecommunications engineer with five years’ experience. Her goal? To expand her current skillset and satisfy her penchant for travel.

“I chose MIP because the program is special, it’s very practical, and offers a lot of experience with companies,” she says.


“I found the program to be a complete experience due to the online tutoring, boot camps, face-to-face classes, and international approach.”

Ana adds that she also had the option to study abroad, which led her to Asia and the Beihang University in Beijing for a week. She then visited Japan and a friend who she’d met on the MBA.

She didn’t just make friends for life, she adds, she was immersed in an international setting that enabled her to grasp the way different cultures communicate, behave, and ultimately do business together.

But that’s just half the story. The practical application of knowledge at MIP Politecnico di Milano is something Ana also credits for her career leap post-graduation—in December, she is moving to Munich to begin a new role with European Computer Telecoms.

“The internships and boot camps really helped to develop my capabilities in lots of fields I didn’t have as much knowledge in,” she says.

Simone Franceschetto echoes Ana’s story. He studied management and engineering at MIP, graduating in 2007. He then began an MBA at the school in 2012, to increase and diversify his network and gain a comprehensive understanding of the business world.

“I wanted a more universal and holistic view of management and business,” he explains, “to see everything from a bird’s eye view and study it, to get to know it better.”


Like Ana, Simone highlights MIP’s hands-on approach, evident through close partnerships with thriving multinational companies, as well as frequent alumni events where students get to talk to past students, as the stand out aspect of MIP’s MBA.

That practical experience was pivotal in landing him a role at Haier after he graduated—“the MBA allowed me to go up in the world,” he beams.

Over 90% of MIP International Full-time MBA graduates who are looking for work are employed within

three months of completing their degree. Recruiters include Amazon, HSBC, and Tesla Motors

The program also boasts companies like IBM, Microsoft, and Moleskin among its official partners.

Strong corporate ties mean that MIP graduates stand in good stead when it comes to career enhancement. Indeed, Robinson Jose, who graduated from the MIP MBA program in 2017, secured a job offer before he had even completed his degree.

Robinson, who had 10 years of experience in B2B sales in Bangalore before moving to Italy, places the credit for this in the hands of MIP Politecnico di Milano’s strong business ties.


“MIP was really helpful in finding the right opportunity for me,” he asserts. “I have the job I do now largely due to them and the placements they offer.”

Robinson had tried many times throughout his career to move into a new industry but says he found it hard due to the niche field he was working in. However, his MBA changed all that.

“I have been able to move into a marketing role within the cloud software industry which was exactly my ambition,” he concludes.

“Studying my MBA at MIP has absolutely allowed me to diversify my skills and career prospects.”



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