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Women In Finance | How My MBA Bolstered My Career

After her MBA at the University of San Francisco School of Management, Mona Ahmadi has gone on to champion women in finance

The COVID-19 impact on financial services 

Thinking about finance more widely, at a time like this it’s almost impossible to not address the elephant in the room: COVID-19. Mona considers the huge impact the pandemic has had on the global economy. Should this inspire more women to move into finance, or put them off?  

“The world has changed dramatically since the outbreak,” Mona says. “Economists and finance gurus are analyzing the impact of the outbreak on the global economy and working with various financial scenarios.”  


Having to drastically adapt your financial strategy in a worldwide downturn harkens back to the financial crisis of ‘08. As head of finance at Soko, Mona has generated several financial models and scenarios that will cover varying levels of impact caused by the pandemic. Preparing for the worst is always going to be a sensible business decision, but Mona emphasizes that it’s important to look beyond the pandemic, too.  

“Financial markets are reflecting great uncertainty, so a wide range of scenarios remain plausible,” she says. “Having a broad perspective is key, and we are looking past the crisis and considering opportunities instead of focusing all our efforts on challenges.”