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Imperial Launches Marketing MSc For The Tech Age

Students on the MSc Strategic Marketing will submit assignments digitally, in the form of social media campaigns and websites!

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London’s Imperial College Business School is launching a new MSc in Strategic Marketing which applies the School's cutting edge technology expertise to the marketing challenges of the digital age.

The program is designed for graduates with a business background and a passion for marketing who want to apply strategic marketing techniques to modern organisations.

The one-year program draws on the expertise of Imperial's renowned experts in innovation, sustainability and, in particular, technology. Learning is largely focused around digital media, in particular social media with student assignments being relayed and submitted digitally rather than on paper. Websites will also be used in a learning context, with students being required to develop a website as part of the program.

Programme Director Colin Love explained that the MSc Strategic Marketing merges traditional marketing with contemporary tools to give graduates an edge in the marketing world. The ultimate aim is to ensure that graduates possess cutting-edge knowledge in consumer behaviour, brand management, pricing models and also digital marketing as part of an analytical toolkit to take forward intheir careers.

We caught up with students Ludovica Arci and Deen Sheikh to hear their thoughts on the course. Ludovica, 22, is an Italian national. Her undergraduate degree was in Economics and Business from LUISS Guido Carli in Rome. She wanted the value-added benefits of a Masters and was taken by the design of the Imperial College MSc Strategic Marketing. “I felt the market is very competitive and there are many challenges job-wise. My priority is to show that I can be of value to a firm,” she said.

“I am very passionate about marketing and I know the modules on the course will help me build an international career.” For Ludovica, the best part of the course is the variety of its content and the emphasis on how the digital world and technology advances are affecting markets.

Deen is a Pakistani national who graduated with a B.Com in Management from the University of Sydney in 2009. He is a senior manager at Progressive Traders Pvt Ltd., a consumer goods company, in Karachi. He wanted a masters degree that would stimulate him and the program hasn't disappointed him. “I have particularly enjoyed the modules on branding and consumer behaviour. The core modules have been very intensive and challenging and I know I will take a lot from this unique experience.”

The 2012 intake begins in October. If you are interested in the program, Imperial College Business School has more information online. There will also be a number of information sessions throughout the year both online and on campus. The next on-campus information session is scheduled for Tuesday 21 February. 


Tuesday 31st January 2012, 08.56 (UTC)


This looks like a great programme. I was reading somewhere that many of these fortune 500 companies spend a large proportion of their budgets on marketing and the ones who spend the most are biotech firms. I'm guessing this is a great area for Imperial to apply some interdisciplinary learning. I wonder if any of the students had done combined projects with the science departments?

Tuesday 31st January 2012, 10.49 (UTC)


nice girl in the advert:)

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