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IESE MBAs At Amazon, Credit Suisse Share Their Internship Tips

One-year programs are popular in Europe, but IESE's two-year MBA provides unparalleled opportunities for career-changers

When it comes to MBA careers, it’s notable how great a force tech employers have become in recent years.

Though financial services and consulting served as the default MBA graduate sectors for many years, the Ubers and Googles of the world are snapping up more MBAs than ever before.

For students on the two-year MBA at IESE Business School though, either path can be taken. Not only does a two-year program provide ample internship opportunities, it enables MBAs to bond closely with their classmates, speak more with academics, and benefit from in-depth learning.

We spoke to several MBA interns about why they chose the two-year format, and about working for some of the world's most sought-after employers.

Tejas Chitnis - Amazon, Luxembourg

An MBA should be an opportunity to discover your true calling in the world of business, and the two-year format gives you more time to do so, exploring career options and developing close bonds with your peers.

The incredibly diverse cohort was certainly one reason for choosing IESE’s MBA program. Another was their focus on ethics and moral responsibility. On a professional level, I wanted to explore careers in leading tech firms, many of whom recruit at IESE.

Internships enable you to apply your learning and build networks within the company, and this is certainly the case at Amazon. Having had no previous supply chain experience, I was given the huge responsibility of working on an optimization project, and each intern is tested in this way. I’ve loved it so far, and have recently been offered a full-time role by Amazon which I intend to accept!

Nathan Getty - Private Equity, New York City

Having finished my military service, I wanted to have a first year that introduced me to as many aspects of business as possible, with an internship to bring the classroom to life, and then a final year to focus on my areas of interest. IESE's structure was exactly what I was looking for in an MBA program.

I applied to private equity firms through IESE’s outstanding careers team and alumni network, but also made my own ontacts. Some firms had very formal application processes, but the one I accepted was more unique, involving phone interviews, an on-site interview with the entire deal team, and a take-home modeling project. From the very start, they’ve been wanting to help me learn how to create value, which has given me great experiences for securing a full-time job after graduation. 

MBAs should welcome every internship opportunity and have a good back-up because private equity internships are offered notoriously late in the first year. Don't be afraid to try to do things yourself.

Yash Thakar - Credit Suisse, London

The two-year program provided me with more flexibility in trying different aspects of the MBA. I also had more time to cultivate meaningful relationships with my classmates, extract value from academics, and give back to IESE by engaging with their MBA clubs.

The support I received through current students while considering or applying to IESE cemented it as the best fit.

IESE provided me with ample opportunities to meet bankers at Credit Suisse. They visited campus multiple times and I also visited them in London. IESE’s Career service and finance club also supported me throughout the entire process.  

MBAs looking for investment banking opportunities should understand what the industry offers and how their background will fit into those offerings. Finally, learn the basics and focus on filtering out the noise that will come your way during the first few months of the MBA.

Laura Cushing - Amazon, Germany

My goal for my MBA was to make a triple jump, or a career change in function, industry and location. With a one-year MBA program, I would not have had the time necessary to undertake internships or learn the case study method.

Choosing IESE came down to the global curriculum and the diverse cohort , who took a lot of time to answer my questions as an applicant. At every step of the process, I had the support that I needed.

An internship is a great 10-week glimpse into what kind of teams and projects you will be working on full-time. It provides ample networking opportunities, greater clarity about a company’s culture, and builds new skills.

Amazon’s environment, full of entrepreneurial spirit, excited me the most, along with their Leadership Principles, which they believe firmly in. Amazon gives you the opportunity to innovate for the customer, and as an intern I was given autonomy and responsibility in spades. It was evident that the project stakeholders very much value the contribution that MBA interns have.

Matthew Miller - Sterlite Technologies, India

Though my background is in manufacturing, my post-MBA goal is to work for a top strategy consulting firm, focusing on the automotive niche. I feel an internship is crucial for career changers like myself to confirm the profession we intend to move into is right for us, and.

Furthermore, I wanted another year to strengthen relationships with my classmates and expand my network, and I was concerned about the perception of a one-year MBA by United States employers. Consequently, IESE’s program was perfect.

At IESE you’ll be flooded by internship opportunities, but I think it’s best to focus on just a few and prepare in-depth.

Sterlite Technologies gave me an opportunity to do something completely different, and it was also a triple-jump, requiring me to change job function, industry and location. Sterlite is doing amazing things in India, and interns are given huge responsibility.

Gurgaon is a very exciting place to be.  Despite its traditional Indian culture, it is a rapidly growing city for tech here in India and there is constantly new development.

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