Entrepreneurs Vital For Post-Coronavirus Economic Recovery

Cranfield School of Management’s director of the Bettany Center for Entrepreneurship, Dr. Stephanie Hussels, says after coronavirus, entrepreneurs will be essential to kickstart the global economy

Sustainability in business is one of the fastest growing trends in business, with innovators scrambling to win the race to 100% green and sustainable business practices. Cranfield has responded to this surge and is aiding students with goals to launch businesses in this space––even in a more rigid and corporate setting.  

Programs like this one have been cultivated because, it’s not just about coming up with unique business plans that fill a gap in the market, but also conducting business responsibly, Stephanie says.  

Extracurricular activities for entrepreneurs 

What a school can offer students outside of the classroom is just as important when molding the next generation of entrepreneurs, Stephanie claims.  

“We offer students extracurricular activities which include startup weekends where students work on their business ideas and are matched with mentors. We give students every opportunity to network and learn from experienced entrepreneurs and investors in their chosen fields.” 

At the beginning of every student’s time at Cranfield School of Management, the school runs the Bettany Center Speaker Series, Stephanie says. This is where three leading entrepreneurs give talks, sharing their war stories and lessons learned with the students. “This is to ignite that curiosity and help students learn from the experiences of others,” she says. 


This is bookended with a final opportunity for students and alumni alike to gather and pitch their finalized business ideas to investors and venture capitalists. This is the final step for students aiming to have their entrepreneurial goals realized.  

Some ideas take a bit longer to cultivate than programs at Cranfield run for, Stephanie admits. Students may graduate and work for a few years before returning with their concrete business plan––which is why alumni will always be welcome.  

“Cranfield alumni are part of the school’s DNA and so our resources remain open to them,” Stephanie says.