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Nishant is a business professional with more than 8 years of experience across diverse industries. He specializes in Business Strategy, Digital Strategy, Quality Management, SDLC and Process Improvement, and is highly driven towards taking up and solving complex challenges. He has a wide experience in managing teams, and dealing with clients in a highly dynamic and cross cultural environment. He is proficient at quickly grasping technical and business concepts, and at implementing solutions which are highly proficient and goal oriented. He is highly innovative, and driven towards finding creative solutions for business related problems. Nishant is also a part time musician who loves to spend his free time composing and recording music. He is also an avid photography enthusiast, and likes to click, and edit images and videos. In his free time he also like to try his hand at sketching and poetry. Here are a few related links: Music -- Uploaded on MySpace -- www.myspace.com/oldnicknishant Photography -- Uploaded on Flickr -- www.flickr.com/photos/nishantkaushik/ Video production -- His YouTube channel -- www.youtube.com/kaushiknishant

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