What Is The Power MBA?

The Power MBA is an increasingly popular online program—but how does it measure up to a traditional MBA?

The advantages of The Power MBA

The main advantage of The Power MBA is its accessibility. With its online, anytime delivery, and $1,000 price point, almost anyone can enroll. 

Each 15 minute lesson can be delivered to your computer, smartphone, or tablet, making it easy to learn wherever you are in the world. This flexible structure means it can be studied alongside a full-time job—although this is also true for plenty of part-time and online MBA programs.

The Power MBA has been picked up by big name firms like Google, Uber, EY, and Microsoft to train their staff. The program is aimed at professionals who want to gain a broad introduction to business without sacrificing their full-time position, or committing to a synchronous learning experience.


The Power MBA drawbacks 

The Power MBA offers an accessible learning experience that draws on the insights of real business leaders, but there are certain advantages this teaching model is unable to offer.

Firstly, relying on pre-recorded classes removes the possibility of discussion and debate that, for many students, is the highlight of studying an MBA. Being unable to interact with your instructors also means there’s no opportunity to discuss your individual interests, or receive tailored support. 

The program also lacks the career services and personal industry connections offered by a traditional business school.

The fact that The Power MBA is not accredited may also pose an issue. Accreditation demonstrates that a school offers a good range of core subjects, taught to an academically rigorous standard. 

Without accreditation, The Power MBA is not likely to be recognized in the same way that employers would recognize a traditional qualification. 

Other alternative MBAs

If you want to study a non-traditional MBA, there are plenty of other options out there beside The Power MBA. Here are just a few:

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