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MBA Essay Guide 2023 | How To Write A Successful Application Essay

How do you write an MBA essay that lands you a place at business school? Find out with the BusinessBecause MBA Essay Guide 2023

Tue Nov 15 2022

Landing a place at business school takes months of preparation, yet many applicants dread writing the application essay. If you're unsure how to tackle your MBA essay then do not fear. BusinessBecause has prepared tips and guidance from admissions experts to help you to draft a successful essay.

In the BusinessBecause MBA Essay Guide 2023 How To Write A Successful Application Essay, find out how important the MBA essay is and when should you submit. Also familiarize yourself with the different types of essay questions that you might face.

We also share essential tips to a successful MBA application essay with pointers from past students, admissions and recruitment teams, and MBA consultants.

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Key facts:

2-4 essay-type questions are usually asked on MBA applications

8-10 weeks is the average length of time INSEAD MBA admissions suggest that candidates need to write an MBA essay

400 words is the average word count for MBA essays

Top essay writing tips: 

- Research the values and USPs of your target business school

- Always bring your essay back to your goals

- Communicate your personal brand

Download the MBA Essay Guide 2023 for more tips and useful information from experts such as Rebecca Loades, Director of Career Accelerator Programs, ESMT Berlin, who says: “The biggest mistake we see is when applicants tell us what they think we want to hear, rather than showing us who they actually are.”