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InstitutionFT Ranking MBA FT Ranking Masters FT Ranking EMBA Economist FTMBA Rank BW Ranking (US & Non-US) Applicants per year (% admitted)Class size% Inter'l Students% FemaleCourse Length (Months)% Employed Graduates% Salary IncreaseAvg GMATCourse FeeApplication DeadlineAccredited
EMLYON Business School 80406370134 (32%)447935128169640EUR 40,000RollingAACSB AMBA EQUIS
Aston Business School 361 (61%)609330128985620USD 36, 670JulyAACSBAMBAEQUIS
Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) 572960-70903712 or 16 (Full-time MBA) / 24 (Part-time MBA)9597600HK$560,000 (Full-time MBA) / HK$420,000 (Part-time MBA)AACSB AMBA
University of Bath School of Management 7047600 (17%)518653129666£ 37,500International - 30th June, UK-EU - 31st AugustAMBA EQUIS
University of Maryland: Smith 72468141994 (38%)2583635218292651USD 77,191November (December, January, March, April)AACSB
Hult International Business School 5373431002276 (33%)6090331288130615Variable depending on locationRolling applicationsAMBA
CityU Hong Kong 406782AACSB EQUIS
EDHEC Business School 178034924210EUR 44,000June, NovemberAACSB AMBA EQUIS
Lancaster University Management School (LUMS) 916182509846129488640USD 42,220RollingAMBAEQUIS
ESADE MSc 11445326091361291€28,500 MSc | €41,000 MSc + CEMSAACSB AMBA EQUIS
The Lisbon MBA 86
Nottingham Trent University Online 9736100£15,900AACSB EQUIS
Yale School of Management 1114122823 (19%)47539362191124719USD 109,956October, January, MarchAACSB
Erasmus University: Rotterdam School of Management 558591379941129111463052000 EURAACSB AMBA EQUIS
TRIUM Global EMBA 26517USD 181,500January 15, March 15
University of Liverpool School of Management 86966359431274HEU: GBP 16,500 International: GBP 23,500RollingAACSB
University of Hong Kong School of Business & Economics 41353955-60 (full-time), 110–120 (Part-time)9814100HKD 525,000Rolling. First Round Deadline: 31 Dec 2016AACSB EQUIS
Wake Forest University: Babcock Graduate School of Management 25612020252191127651USD 40,506RollingAACSB
IE Brown Executive MBA 404015USD 135,000Rolling Admission
ESADE Full-Time MBA 2146441872912, 15, or 1890120665€ 68,500AACSB AMBA EQUIS
Ohio State University: Fisher 845553589 (35%)9429322195676USD 53,642April 15 (international) May 15 (domestic)AACSB
University of Queensland Business School 38
HKUST Business School 181109012 or 16114700USD 75,3001st – Nov 7, 2018 (Wed); 2nd – Jan 9, 2019 (Wed); 3rd – Mar 13, 2019 (Wed)AACSB EQUIS
Athena School of Management 35-4020402410060Rs. 12.50 Lacs i.e. USD 18,000
Arizona State University: Carey 622540409038402187694USD 58,700October (December, February, April)AACSB
AGSM MBA Programs 70536251168061670$84000 (AUD) approx.June 1, August 1, October 1, October 30 (domestic)AACSB EQUIS
University of California, San Diego: Rady 74
HEC Paris 19261352260923216 months full time93690EUR 69,500RollingAASCBAMBAEQUIS
Melbourne Business School (MBS) 6166239381129181708AACSB EQUIS
Manchester Business School 597498525 (43%)14589221881116640USD 53,756November (December, January, February, March, April, May, June*, July**) *international deadline **UK+EU DeadlineAACSBAMBAEQUIS
National University of Singapore Business School (NUS) 172373108100-120923290667SGD 62,000 (ex. tax)AACSB EQUIS
University of Texas at Austin: McCombs 377725232253 (25%)5342428218993692USD 64,980 (domestic)November (January, April)AACSB
WU Executive Academy 7435AACSB AMBA EQUIS
Maastricht School of Management (MSM) 373710041EUR 31000AMBA
Nyenrode Business Universiteit 63508553128234,500 EURSeptember 1st, 2016AMBA EQUIS
China Europe International Business School (CEIBS) 5581680179294018 or 12 (options)92108682RMB 399,000, Approx. USD 60,000Three rounds: November, January and MarchAACSB EQUIS
Heriot Watt Edinburgh Business School 414212GBP 10,440
Georgetown: Mcdonough School of Business 294248211459 (19%)2929693
TIEMBA 34070100$125000 USD
Renmin University of China 3124AACSB EQUIS
Cranfield School of Management 765564748053257842913926468036,000 GBP29 January 2017, 9 April 2017, 25 June 2017AACSB AMBA EQUIS
SDA Bocconi Asia Center 1504564018,60,000 INR excl. taxesAACSB AMBA EQUIS
University College Dublin: Smurfit 89768337042129173640EURO 34,500see websiteAACSB AMBA EQUIS
Stanford Graduate School of Business 15137038342192129721USD 106,236October (January, April)AACSB
Copenhagen Business School (CBS) 3857898435 - 45904012100645EUR 44,00010 Jan (mid-way) and 10 May 2019AACSB AMBA EQUIS
Birmingham Business School 86943730MBA GBP 19,175 / MSc GBP 13,260February, June, OctoberAACSB AMBA EQUIS
École Supérieure des Affaires 35-404555021,600 USDAMBA
Fanhai International School of Finance, FUd 802554100700248,000 RMB(~$36,000) two years
Warwick Business School (WBS) 36211818350 (28%)709127129594620USD 36,090RollingAACSBAMBAEQUIS
Asia School of Business 47704520MYR 265,000 (local), approx.. USD $66,000, MYR 365,000 (foreign), approx. USD $91,000Three rounds: October, January, April
Ashridge Executive Education 24-DecAACSB AMBA EQUIS
University of Saint Gallen, Business School 69155929528129368CHF 56,500Oct 01, Dec 01, Feb 01, Apr 01, Jun 01AASCBEQUIS
University of Southern California: Marshall 4628141826 (27%)5192135218994618USD 99,437February (April, May)AACSB
University of Exeter Business School 91232 (23%)30-35544112 months (full-time), 30 months (Executive)£22,500August every yearAMBA EQUIS
Vlerick Business School 4182435878828127488660EURO 31,500October (November, February, March, June, August)AACSBAMBAEQUIS
College of William and Mary: Mason 10035
University of Cincinnati College of Business 92
University of British Columbia: Sauder 49856731167772650$46,569 CAD domestic - $71,278 CAD internationalAACSB EQUIS
University of Notre Dame: Mendoza 584936938 (37%)13420222287104685USD 44,000September (November, January, February, March)AACSB
Purdue University: Krannert 758061756 (35%)10858232189112635USD 20,286November (January, March, May)AACSB
European School of Management and Technology (ESMT) 56101249 (26%)41952912640EUR 38,000March (July, October, November)AMBAAACSBFIBAA
University of Cape Town Graduate School of Business (UCT) 792833118790581USD 16,000 (domestic)OctoberAMBAEQUISEFMD
Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad (IIM) 471987204267 (0%)762762296140USD 45,000February (April, June, August, September)EQUIS
University of Pittsburgh: Katz 739525182472 (46%)18737302084137614USD 42,920 (domesticOctober (December, February, April)AACSB
Indiana University: Kelley 4336321179 (38%)41940322190118670USD 52,736 (domestic)November (January, March, April)AACSB
Boston University School of Management 6864691322 (30%)3113834218798684USD 81,696November (January, February)AACSB
McGill University: Desautels Faculty of Management 8787392 (32%)567628209897666USD 69,500March
EGADE - Tecnologico de Monterrey 8517500USD 28,620June (October, August)AACSBAMBAEQUIS
MIT Sloan School of Management 8101644490 (13%)79051382292120710USD 103,797October (January)AACSB
University of Oxford: Said Business School 13177851247962812692AMBAEQUIS
Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business (CKGSB) 50285014100680Oct, Dec, Feb, Apr, JunEQUIS
Monash University 218 (14%)8103024USD 61,260- 64,496JanuaryAMBAEQUIS
Ashridge Business School 88 (80%)23873612550GBP 32,500RollingAACSBAMBAEQUIS
Korea University Business School 38
Nanyang Business School 301868977 (16%)17783271290129600USD 37,389December (March)EQUIS
London Business School (LBS) 63142723207240690281593134700GBP 61,400October (January, March, April)AMBAEQUIS
University of Wisconsin 815849590 (30%)1119242191109680USD 43,037November (February, March, April and beyond depending space avaliabiityAACSB
Brigham Young University: Marriott (BYU) 7029330 (52%)30914112088118670USD 10,600RollingAACSB
Leeds University Business School 797523012600GBP 20,500 (international)RollingAMBAEQUIS
University of Pennsylvania: Wharton School 42042644284536452085120720USD 58,244October (January, March)AACSB
SMU: Cox School of Business 92885348512 (37%)1282222228190643USD 45,680November (January, March, April)AACSB
Shanghai Jiao Tong University: Antai 511885024660RMB 238, 000MayAMBAEQUIS
Temple University- Fox School of Business
Columbia Business School 9401076669228145352191131714USD 53,208RollingAACSB
Babson College: Olin 5463737722 (70%)3922128218185589USD 67,190RollingAACSBEQUIS
Case Western Reserve University: Weatherhead 9870271 (68%)1415732215398633USD 88,000January (March, May)AACSB
Carnegie Mellon: Tepper 3533131544 (24%)42240292188109686USD 109,600October (January, March, April*, June*) *for American citizens onlyAACSB
SDA Bocconi School of Management 3168424395076301285121EUR 48,00030-Apr-16AACSB AMBA EQUIS
Incae Business School 9649
Vanderbilt University: Owen 527526221013 (29%)34720362283101695USD 87,804October (November, January, February)AACSB
University of California at Berkeley: Haas 101164064 (12%)4944229219191700USD 83,360October (December, January, March)AACSB
University of Florida: Hough 2167217 (24%)1182030217995678USD 24,908 (domestic)November (December*, January**, February*) *International **USAACSB
SKEMA Business School 25221002524EUR 32000July and DecemberAACSB AMBA EQUIS
Western University: Ivey 8462605614327321288650CDN 79,500 (domestic)EQUIS
Indian School of Business (ISB) 24132331052912100177714USD 42255Rolling
Pennsylvania State University: Smeal College of Business 635045487 (32%)18643322178125650USD 45,708December (February*, April**) *International **DomesticAACSB
Tulane University: A.B. Freeman School of Business 57377 (37%)9128282183116664USD 90,945November (Janary, March*, May) *InternationalAACSB
Brandeis University: International Business School 2076961362299600USD 38,994November (February, April)AACSB
Bologna Business School 8948129727,000 Euro VAT Free15/04/2015 (round 1) - 15/06/2015 (round 2) - 30/06/2015 (round 2 for EU graduates)
Nottingham University Business School 91790792812600GBP19,500 -JulyAMBAEQUIS
Rice University: Jones 56794130715 (25%)22225272292117673USD 92,964November (January, February, April, June)AACSB
Duke University: Fuqua School of Business 192515163452 (26%)88738372288108698USD 104,304September (November, January, March)AACSB
Fudan University School of Management 3440
Boston College: Carroll School of Management 6771845 (31%)973533188595656USD 73,832November(January, March, April)'AACSB
University of Buffalo School of Management 102
Henley Business School 7558612612640GBPFebruary, AugustAASCBAMBAEQUIS
University of Arizona: Eller 9596263 (50%)10519402165100624USD 41,581May (July, October)AACSB
University of Cambridge: Judge Business School 162545341573812690USD 55,650October (December, January, March, May)AACSB AMBA EQUIS
University of Texas, Dallas - Jindal School of Management 9643
University of Washington Business School: Foster School of Business 49722217558 (44%)2482734219190674USD 52,680October (November, January*, March *Final International deadline)AACSBEQUIS
ESSEC Business School 934933012EUR 38,000October, January, March, MayAASCBEQUIS
Bradford University School of Management 8880922791GBPRollingAASCBAMBAEQUIS
Harvard Business School (HBS) 2339134 (11%)90334391893122724USD 51,200October (January, April)AACSB
NEOMA Business School 417115, 10, or 7€41.500AACSB AMBA EQUIS
University of Georgia: Terry College of Business 684462200 (41%)50183022626USD 13,784 - USD 31,154October (December, January*, March**) *International **Space-avaliabilityAACSB
Coppead Graduate School of Business 16401818151620NO INFOEQUISANPAD
Cornell University: Johnson 275220112276 (23%)95239302285116708USD 49,272October (November, January, March)AACSB
Queen's University: Queen's School of Business 5388664531665$75,000AASCBEQUIS
BI Norwegian School of Management 87302018600NOK 340,000RollingEQUIS
University of California at Irvine: Merage 485250813 (32%)1953530219297668USD 36,342.50 - 45,917.50November (December, February, April)AACSB
Washington University: Olin 54637371490 (28%)28435272194105696USD 94,225October, January, March, Rolling after AprilAACSB
University of Toronto: Rotman 85471145 (44%)53743392085101642USD 78,903November (February, April)AACSB
Concordia University Molson School of Business 9495
NYU: Stern 254317144416 (13%)78438332191115719USD 100,894November (January, March)AACSB
Michigan State University: Eli Broad College of Business 65825964508 (36%)17634202184101638USD 49,870 (domestic)November (January, March, April, June)AACSB
University of California, Los Angeles 2649818
University of Strathclyde Business School 8065631291106550GBP 28,000RollingAACSBAMBAEQUIS
Emory University: Goizueta Business School 387529271168 (33%)37534282294111690USD 84,800November (December, February, March)AACSB
Sungkyunkwan University SKK GSB 42
University of California: Davis (UC Davis) Graduate School of Management 5447385 (23%)553035217980690USD 53,238 - USD 65,483November (January, March, May)AACSB
Northwestern University: Kellogg Graduate School of Management 1434284794 (20%)11153734229496714USD 108,000September* (October**, December*, January**, March*, April**) *Off-Campus interview **On-campus interviewAACSB
Open University Business School (OUBS) 24640GBP 14,000 - 19,000CallAACSBAMBAEQUIS
ECU College of Business 376754993Intakes are February and July, please view ECU’s admission requirements for application deadlinesAACSB
Durham Business School 4367652909319135128661600JulyAMBAEQUIS
University of Edinburgh Business School 876576795769644129563608GBP 24,500AACSB AMBA EQUIS
Texas A & M University: Mays 999660554 (27%)13323211693134647USD 31,062 (domestic)November (January, February, April)AACSB
Warwick Business School EMBA 211872 (50%)36364224-48£49,00017/07/17 for 09/17 start / 08/02/18 for 03/18 startAACSB AMBA EQUIS
University of Michigan: Ross 28337192929 (25%)94233312086101703USD 90,378October (January, March)AACSB
Thunderbird School of Global Management 440 (81%)4407527165289618USD 89,245December (February, April, June, August, October, November) RollingAACSB
INSEAD 3131925102432109596701EUR 62,500September, November, January, March, April, June, AugustAMBAEQUIS
Grenoble Ecole de Management 98436071228 (32%)7694251292550EUR 29, 300RollingAMBAEQUIS
City University: Cass Business School 643331721127389321285653GBP 41,000 (Full-time), GBP 47,000 (Executive)RollingAACSB AMBA EQUIS
European Business School (EBS) 58716EUR 32,500June
University of Iowa: Tippie 316 (37%)13824292188128666USD 39,332 (domestic)January, (April*, July**) *International ** USAACSB
University of Virginia: Darden 23991823 (26%)63930292192109677USD 90,000October (January, March)AACSB
University of Miami School of Business 74432 (45%)1932938216296638USD 60,955March (April, May, June)AACSB
IMD Business School 222135109093191183668CHF 85,000February (April, June, August, September)AACSB AMBA EQUIS
Texas Christian University Neeley School of Business 46
University of Mannheim Mannheim Business School 77144255
Peking University: Guanghua 439 (66%)5822129081620EUR 33,000December (April, June)AACSBAMBAEQUIS
Curtin University of Technology Graduate School of Business 219 (80%)72463212USD 47,000DecemberAMBA
University of Minnesota: Carlson 81803233538 (41%)712431218896686USD 33, 230 - 45,000December (February)AACSB
University of Rochester: Simon 835754187336352312189129667USD 43,737October (November, January, March, May)AACSB
The University of York: Schulich 66843 (26%)59183341685100500USD 50,000February (rolling after depending on avaliability)
UCLA: Anderson School of Management 26498183041 (29%)73232282186108710USD 81,996October (January, April)AACSB
Audencia Nantes School of Management 399089 (38%)2795481280641EUR 29,000AACSB, AMBA, EQUISAACSBAMBAEQUIS
TiasNimbas Business School 5090341287550EUR 37,400RollingAMBA
University of Chicago: Booth 72415585364295726USD 63,980AACSB
The George Washington University School of Business (GWSB) 908459590 (45%)9947402185103647USD 90,000November (December, January, March)AASCB
EADA 351004609248128069625EUR 30,500rollingAMBAEQUIS
Tufts University: The Fletcher School 244924670USD 43,709November (January, March)
RWTH Aachen University 253,600 EURDeffering
University of South Carolina: Moore 11418724322374105631USD 41,480November (February, May)AACSB
Imperial College Business School 3915379936565491291642GBP 39,000RollingAASCBAMBAEQUIS
Georgia Institute of Technology: Scheller 60873131
IESE Business School 12962835081281991153690EUR 81,600(September 2017) January 5, March 7, April 8,AMBA EQUIS
University of Alberta 103275 (42%)1424730167585610USD 25, 900 - USD 48, 950April (March*) *China-NigeriaAACSB
Dartmouth College: Tuck 1512202744 (20%)54834342195718USD 117,870October, November, January, AprilAASCB
University of Newcastle Upon Tyne Business School 143303012550GBP 19,800CallAMBAEQUIS
IE Business School 311012638391311292670USD 70,922rollingAACSB AMBA EQUIS

** The above information was gathered from the following sources: Financial Times Global MBA Rankings, Which MBA? Economist Rankings; Bloomberg Business Week Comparator Table and individual university websites. To find out more about how the data was calculated please see the various source websites. If you have any questions or wold like to suggest changes/additions to this table, please message Sian from the BusinessBecause team.