About BusinessBecause.com

BusinessBecause.com publishes news and articles on all aspects of graduate management education - from applicant advice and career inspiration, to course innovations and school developments - for a global audience of applicants and potential applicants. You can register to access the whole site, share your details with your preferred schools, join our community to make connections before, during and after business school, and access admissions resources or career inspiration. 

BusinessBecause is here to help you:

  • Before you apply - find out more about business schools, and what sort of course (MBA, Masters, EMBA, etc) is right for you, find admissions tips, message current students and admissions directors
  • During your course - to connect with other business students and graduates in your city or across the world, build a professional online profile and research careers
  • After your MBA - to connect with fellow alumni in interesting careers, hear about companies currently hiring and stay in touch with business school developments

Our Content

We publish stories of life at Business School, the opportunities that management education bring, as well as looking at trends and developments in the business school world. We write about the issues, challenges and decisions facing students and applicants, campus life and post regular stories on companies that are hiring from business schools. 

Our editorial team are well connected with journalists worldwide who help create and distribute our content, but we also believe in "community journalism" - we cover personalities and institutions who are part of our community and always try to "tag" people in stories so that you can "meet" the people you read about.

Some of our stories are sponsored content and feature our partner schools. We do this to pay the bills. Read the stories and hopefully you'll agree that they're not shameless puff pieces - they're informative and well-written.

Our History

BusinessBecause launched in late-2009 as a "niche network" connecting business students, employers, business school applicants and business schools around the world. Our aim was to cover fascinating, people-focused stories and to provide useful information on choosing a business school and finding an interesting career. 

We've evolved to become a digital publishing business serving an audience of future business leaders worldwide and providing Business Schools a platform to present their proposition. BusinessBecause.com has more than 45,000 registered users worldwide and a monthly readership of 100,000.

Get in touch

Comments and feedback on content, user-friendliness and functionality are welcome. The best way to get in touch is to message us via the site, we usually respond within a few hours. To find out more about how we work with business schools or employers please message the team, If you have a story idea or you're interested in becoming a contributing writer, message our Editor Marco.

We also pick up emails at info@businessbecause.com

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