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GMAT Online Exam | Everything You Need To Know

You can register to take the GMAT online from home as an alternative to the test center GMAT

Mon Mar 11 2024



The Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC), owner and administrator of the GMAT, released the GMAT Online Exam in 2020 to help business school candidates complete their applications during the coronavirus pandemic.

First launched as a temporary solution, the online version of the leading b-school admissions test is now a permanent offering that's comparable to the test center exam. 

In 2024, choosing the GMAT online exam means you can register to take the test at home, with around-the-clock testing appointments available.

The test is available worldwide, excluding markets limited by regulatory restrictions: Mainland China, Iran, Cuba, Sudan, and North Korea.

How does the GMAT online exam work?

The GMAT is the premier admission test for business schools, used as a quality indicator when measuring your suitability for an MBA or master's program.

Candidates can take the GMAT from the comfort of their own homes, widening the accessibility of the test.

You can take the online version of the GMAT on both Mac and PC. Your computer must however...

GMAC's system requirements. The GMAT online test has the same structure, number of items, and duration as the test center exam. It also uses the same scoring algorithm and score scale for the Section Scores and Total Score.

While you take the test from your home computer, you will be monitored by a human proctor through a live video feed to ensure you don’t cheat. You will need to have a camera on your computer and a strong internet connection.

The test will be hosted on, where you also register for the test.


How much does the GMAT Online exam cost?

The GMAT online exam costs $300 globally.

When taken in a test center, the GMAT costs $275 in most locations, although it may be slightly cheaper or more expensive depending on where you take the test

What’s the difference between the GMAT online and the test center exam?

Aside from the obvious difference that you can take the GMAT at home via the online format, there is no difference in content between the online and the test center GMAT.

Both options of the GMAT comprise three equally weighted sections, which can be taken in any order. They are: 

⇨ Quantitative Reasoning

⇨ Verbal Reasoning

⇨ Data Insights

Online test-takers also have access to the same breaks as test center examinees: one optional ten-minute break between any two sections of their choice.

The GMAT online exam is proctored with Pearson VUE technology. Learn more about the testing experience:

What do the experts think? 

The GMAT is not the only test that GMAC offers online, it also offers the Executive Assessment Online—an admission test for EMBA and part-time MBA candidates.

Among admissions consultants, who help thousands of prospective MBA and master’s students successfully apply to business school each year, most view the online version of the exam favorably. 

"Candidates appreciate the flexibility and the opportunity to continue to move forward with their plans for business school,” says admissions expert Barbara Coward. 

Piyush Ranjan, MBA and MiM admissions consultant, thinks the at-home version of the GMAT can even help reduce test-taking anxiety for candidates who struggle with the test center environment, and lead to higher test scores.

Naturally, there is a small minority of test-takers who want to game the system. Shortly after the exam was first offered online, Mark Skoskiewicz, founder of MyGuru, said that someone offered his prep company $10,000 to take the exam for them. Thankfully, the test’s security procedures make this difficult to pull off.

Thanks to the test’s strong security measures and strong similarity between the online and test center experience, business school admissions staff appear to show no preference toward one test type.

This article was first published in March 2022 and updated in February 2024.