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GMAT Score For ISB | What Do You Need To Be Admitted?

Want to get into the Indian School of Business MBA? Find out what GMAT Focus Edition score you need for ISB

Wed Jan 26 2022

As one of India’s top-ranked business schools, the Indian School of Business is highly selective when it comes to selecting MBA students. ISB only considers applications from candidates who submit a GMAT Focus Edition (or GRE) score.

ISB’s flagship Postgraduate Program in Management (PGP) is delivered from both its Hyderabad and Mohali campuses. The PGP is equivalent to an MBA and world-class faculty, notable alumni, and stellar career outcomes make ISB an attractive option.

If you want to be admitted, having a strong GMAT Focus Edition score for ISB could help you stand out from the crowd.

What is the average GMAT score for ISB?

ISB looks for well-rounded, academically savvy candidates. And a strong GMAT Focus Edition score lets the admissions team know that you can keep up in the classroom.

Although there is no ISB GMAT Focus Edition cut-off or minimum GMAT score required for ISB, attaining a strong score is an important component of your wider application.


In 2023, the average GMAT score for ISB candidates admitted to the PGP was 720. This is in the 94th percentile, making it relatively as competitive as scores of 665-675 on the updated GMAT Focus Edition which came into effect on February 1st, 2024. Aspiring MBAs applying to ISB in 2024 should therefore set their sights on scores near this range.

This impressive average is higher than average GMAT scores for other top programs globally. For example, students admitted to the London Business School MBA in 2021 recorded an average GMAT score of 700, which is in the 89th percentile and roughly as competitive as scores of 645-655 on the updated test.

However, a 655+ GMAT Focus Edition score isn’t a must-have for ISB if your application is strong in other areas.

According to an ISB spokesperson, candidates were admitted to the 2023 cohort with scores as low as 600 and as high as 780 on the pre-2024 GMAT. That's a range from the 52nd percentile (as competitive as a score of 555 on the GMAT Focus Edition) all the way up to the 99th percentile.


What is a good GMAT Focus Edition score for ISB?

Based on relative competitiveness to the 2023 scores, a good GMAT Focus Edition score for ISB would be around 665. Score over 645 on the GMAT Focus Edition and you will stand out to many business schools, having scored higher than 86% of test-takers. 

However, as seen from the latest ISB MBA intake, where the lowest GMAT score for ISB that was accepted was 600, you can still get into ISB with a low GMAT Focus Edition score.

While scoring highly on the GMAT Focus Edition will boost your chances of admission to ISB, it’s important to remember that standardized tests aren’t the be-all and end-all.

Your leadership potential, goals, and work experience are also important factors for the admissions team.

In our exclusive ISB MBA Application Insider, Dibyendu Bose, senior director of admissions and financial aid at ISB, said:

“Rather than focusing on a single aspect of the candidates we look at a combination of multiple parameters such as academics, work experience, test scores, essays, and recommendations."

When assessing PGP candidates, Dibyendu looks for well-rounded, innovative, and curious future leaders, who can bring their unique experiences to the classroom.

“Over the years, we have had candidates from different disciplines including sports, fashion, medicine, law, journalism, the military, and more."

A high GMAT Focus Edition score can prove your academic abilities and signal your commitment to the admissions team, but ultimately it’s the unique experience you can bring to the classroom that will make your application to ISB stand out. If you have a lower GMAT Focus Edition score, this experience can help you get admitted.

You can also apply to the ISB MBA by submitting a GRE score. For the ISB MBA class of 2023, the average GRE score is 328. 

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