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Top 25 Best Accounting Firms To Work For | Vault Ranking 2024

What are the best accounting firms to work for? Vault ranks the top accounting firms around the world for 2024, including the likes of Big Four firms, Deloitte and PwC

Tue Aug 1 2023

Accounting is a top industry for business school graduates. Whether you land a job with a Big Four top accounting firm or a small boutique company, you're looking at a career with strong development opportunities, competitive salaries, and enviable bonuses. 

These advantages have led to accounting and financial services growing in popularity among the new generation of business school students. 

According to the 2023 GMAC Corporate Recuiters Survey, while millennials today show a greater interest in tech careers, Generation Z are more likely to look for jobs in accounting and finance. 

So what are the top accounting firms to work for? 

Each year, careers platform Vault/Firsthand surveys thousands of employees in accounting to compile a list of the best accounting firms to work for. 

Companies are ranked using a weighted formula reflecting their overall prestige as well as the issues accounting professionals care about: quality of life, culture, satisfaction, work-life balance, and compensation.

Here are the top 25 accounting firms to work for according to Vault’s ranking for 2024. 

Best Accounting Firms To Work For

25. EY

One of the prestigious Big Four accounting firms, EY is a highly sought after company for business school graduates. Despite coming in 25th it ranks third among the most prestigious accounting firms.

According to Vault, EY has positive career progression opportunities, good diversity practices, and solid salaries. However, working at the firm does mean long hours, particularly for those at the start of their careers. 

24. Calibre CPA Group 

Calibre CPA Group is one of the 20 largest public accounting firms in metropolitan Washington, DC. It helps clients stay ahead of financial developments and guides them through the complex minefield of accounting and reporting regulations.

According to Vault, Calibre CPA Group is strong performing when it comes to diversity, coming in 11th for racial and ethnic diversity and for LGBTQ+ individuals, however the survey revealed it could perform better for diversity at managerial levels.

23. BPM

Based on annual revenues BPM is one of the 35 largest public accounting and advisory firms in the US, as measured by annual revenues, with more than $206 million recorded in its latest fiscal year. The firm has offices scattered along the West Coast, as well as internationally in Bengaluru, India, and the Cayman Islands.

BPM also measures highly for diversity and inclusion: ranking fifth for Racial & Ethnic Diversity and sixth for LGBTQ+ Diversity and overall diversity. 

22. Schellman 

Based in Tampa, Florida, Schellman has over 900 clients, including numerous publicly traded and Fortune 500 companies. 

Vault ranks Schellman first for benefits and as a place to work for women. Insiders give strong reviews for the annual raise process and 401(k) matching, however some say parental leave and insurance coverage could be better. 

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21. Aprio

Atlanta-based business advisory firm, Aprio, has industry specialties including nonprofit and education, real estate and construction, and technology and blockchain, as well as restaurants. 

Aprio scores well on Vault’s ranking for client interaction and business outlook, coming in third and fourth respectively. It offers valuable internships for students, providing interns with hands-on experience, training, mentoring, and constant support from full-time staff. 

20. HCVT

Headquartered in Los Angeles, HCTV (Holthouse Carlin & Van Trigt) employs more than 700 people, including more than 100 partners and principals. The firm has 10 offices in California, and three in Texas, Utah, and Arizona.

It scores fifth for firm leadership and...

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