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Which Companies Hire The Most MBAs?

Find out which companies are the biggest employers of MBA students from the world's top business schools

Fri Mar 10 2023



Whilst some companies have announced job cuts at the beginning of 2023, having an MBA will help you to stand out against the competition and makes you an attractive candidate in top industries such as finance, tech, and consulting. 

In fact, the Big Three consulting firms—McKinsey, Bain, and BCG—are increasing MBA consultant salaries for 2023 while MBA graduates continue to record impressive jobs and salary prospects across industries.

So where else do MBAs flock to after business school? And which companies are the biggest recruiters of MBA students?

BusinessBecause surveyed some of the world's leading business schools to find out.

Here's 10 companies hiring the most MBAs: 

10. Microsoft 

Tech giant Microsoft is a top MBA company. One of the largest employers of MBA grads, Microsoft offers a range of enticing benefits to new recruits. The multinational firm is always looking to hire its next wave of MBA grads, regularly recruiting from top schools across the globe. 

Of the most recent graduating class, 11 MBAs from Duke Fuqua joined Microsoft, while grads from other top b-schools like Cambridge Judge and London Business School also accepted roles. 

Microsoft offers MBAs with seven years of prior work experience initiatives such as the MACH Microsoft Aspire Experience, which provides targeted training and resources to help MBAs integrate into the company.

9. AT Kearney 

Consultancy firm, AT Kearney, hires from an array of top business schools. It's recruiters are always looking for talent among the MBA graduate pool. 

17 of INSEAD's MBA grads accepted positions at AT Kearney in 2022, while a further seven grads from the Chicago Booth School of Business also landed roles. 

AT Kearney appreciates applicants with traditional business and engineering backgrounds, but those with more nontraditional backgrounds—think nonprofit or liberal arts—shouldn’t be deterred from applying to work there. 

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8. EY / EY-Parthenon 

In 2022, 25 MBA students from Michigan Ross School of Business, 11 from NYU Stern, and four from Duke Fuqua, were offered roles across consulting and strategy for Big Four accountancy firm, Ernst & Young (EY), and EY off-branch Parthenon.

Working in accountancy requires a comprehensive understanding of finance, problem-solving skills, and the ability to build a strong rapport with people. An MBA gives candidates a comprehensive overview of what it takes to be a well-rounded businesspersonso it’s no surprise accounting firms value the MBA. 

7. Accenture 

Multinational professional services company, Accenture, which initially started in Ireland, accepted 14 graduates from INSEAD, 10 from Duke Fuqua, and a further eight from London Business School in 2022. 

The MBA company runs a Global MBA program that recruits students from 11 top business schools, including The Wharton School—the world's top-ranked MBAKellogg, and London Business School. It looks for candidates who are interested in working at the intersection between business and technology, helping them to develop future strategies for their clients. 

6. Deloitte 

It’s no surprise that Deloitte, another Big Four accountancy firm, has made the top 10 MBA employers list. Deloitte hires MBAs to work within its accountancy services, as well as the company's various consulting arms

MBA students from the likes of IESE Business...

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