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6 Best Amazon Jobs For 2024 + How Much They Pay | Amazon Salary

Amazon is one of the world’s largest and most desirable companies, but what is the typical Amazon salary you can expect to earn in a top management or technical role at the firm?

Tue Dec 12 2023

It’s fair to say Amazon has come a long way since it was first cobbled together in the garage of a young Princeton graduate in Bellevue, Seattle, back in 1994. 

Now a trillion-dollar company, Amazon outpaces eBay, Walmart, and even Apple in e-commerce sales—which means it should also be no surprise that it’s a top company for business school grads. 

Every year, the Big Tech firm hires over 1,000 graduates from world-renowned b-schools to work in a variety of roles ranging from management, to data, to tech. 

With a wide range of internships for grad students also on offer—most notably the esteemed Amazon Pathways program—the company is constantly on the lookout for new, ambitious talent.

But how much can you expect to earn as an Amazon employee after business school? 

Well, compensation at the firm is highly competitive both within the tech industry and beyond. Grads who land top roles within the company can expect to take home a lucrative Amazon salary. 

So, if you’re interested in finding out more about some of the best Amazon jobs for business school grads—and their earning potential—then keep reading. 

Here are six top Amazon jobs for 2024, plus how much they pay. 

Average Amazon Salary For 6 Top Jobs 

1. Amazon Product Manager

Product management is a well-known career path for b-school students looking to launch exciting careers in the tech industry that have lucrative earning potential. 

Working as an Amazon product manager means overseeing products all the way from the ideation stage to delivery. This requires strong critical thinking, organizational, and time management skills—all of which can be learnt while studying a business school degree. 

Not only that, since a large part of product management requires liaising with stakeholders, you also need to be an effective communicator.  

It’s a multi-faceted role that’s among Amazon’s largest recruitment areas. That also means strong earnings prospects with the Amazon salary for a product manager in the US standing at an impressive median of $241K. Even better, with bonuses included, some salaries can reach over $300K.

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2. Amazon Program Manager 

If you’re seeking a career in tech and pride yourself on being a team player, then becoming a program manager at a company like Amazon could be the perfect role for you. 

In charge of leading multiple managers and their teams towards achieving certain business goals, Amazon program managers are organized, methodical, and forward-thinking. Another key requirement is being able to foster a sense of communal spirit. 

Amazon hires vast swaths of program managers each year, often valuing business school grads for their business acumen and soft skills. This makes it one of the best Amazon jobs for students considering a career in tech. 

A typical Amazon program manager salary sits at around $154K, but those who are more experienced in the role can earn as much as $196K. 

3. Amazon Business Analyst 

To be an Amazon business analyst you need to have a sharp eye for data analytics as well as acute creative problem-solving skills.

As part of the role, business analysts are expected to collate data into clear and presentable formats, which they then use to aid in creating solutions for a variety of business problems. 

Working as an Amazon business analyst requires analytical, critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Successful business school applicants for the role will have experience in either tech, finance, or a similar analytical-driven field. 

As a role with a lot of responsibility, business analysis is one of the best Amazon jobs in terms of earning potential, with median salaries of around $102K, and some climbing as high as $127K per year. 

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4. Amazon MBA Pathways Operation Manager

An internship exclusively open to current MBA and Masters students (or those with a military background), becoming an Amazon MBA pathways operation manager is a tried and tested way for business school students to launch a fulfilling professional career with one of the world’s top companies. 

As a manager entrusted with coaching, managing, and developing large teams, you will need to discuss potential solutions for an array of business and operational challenges with senior leadership. This will require strong verbal and written communication skills, on top of strategic and analytical knowhow. 

Amazon salaries for this role tend to hover around $170K, however, with bonuses, this can increase to over $200K. 

5. Amazon Financial Analyst 

For anyone with an affinity for numbers, financial analysis can be a great potential career path. . 

As a financial analyst at Amazon, you will collaborate with teams of other analysts to identify ways to improve consumer growth and profitability. This will also involve strong communication, organizational, and planning skills, alongside more technical abilities, such as data analysis. 

Roles often require a master’s in finance or CPA qualification, and a typical Amazon financial analyst salary is around $114K, though this can increase to $137K when bonuses are included. 

6. Amazon Operations Manager

If you’re looking for a dynamic, people-focused career path, then you should consider applying to be an Amazon operations manager.

As part of the role, you will lead and develop a team who you will then be responsible for in terms of maintaining their safety, quality, attendance, and performance. You will also need to consistently communicate with teams such as quality assurance and human resources in order to plan and meet business objectives.

Amazon salaries for this role in the US average at $145K, but with experience, this can rise to $185K. 

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All salaries are based on US Glassdoor figures as of December 2023.