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What Does A Product Manager Do At A Big Tech Firm Like Google Or Amazon?

If you want a fast-paced, dynamic career, becoming a product manager in tech might be for you. But what does a product manager do? And what skills do you need at top firms like Google and Amazon?

Thu Sep 21 2023

The fusion of transformative technologies with human creativity has led to many breakthrough tech products in years past. From virtual technology assistants that live in our homes to watches that can monitor our blood pressure. 

Now, with new advancements such as generative AI systems bursting into the mainstream and the lines between the real and the virtual becoming increasingly blurred, the possibilities seem endless.

As a product manager at a top tech firm, you could play a part in these exciting inventions. But exactly what does a product manager do in a tech company? And what skills are top tech firms like Google and Amazon looking for? 

What does a product manager do in tech? 

A product manager in the tech industry is in the driver’s seat of developing innovative new products that can impact user’s daily lives. Responsibilities are wide-ranging, including planning product roadmaps, collaborating with engineers and designers, and analyzing customer data. 

Ishaan Aggarwal is a product manager at Google and MBA graduate from London Business School. He works on Wear OS—the system that powers Google’s smart watches, managing why, where, and how users should be sent different notifications. 

“The idea is: how can we bring value to the user without them employing a lot of cognitive load on themselves, so that they are notified at the right time and place, with the right information,” says Ishaan. 

To create a product that responds to user needs, product managers conduct extensive market research and analysis. Analyzing data and gathering insights can also identify any opportunities and...

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