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10 Best MBA Programs For Tech Jobs In 2024

If you want to launch an exciting career in the technology sector, these are the best MBA programs for tech careers that you should be looking at in 2024

Fri Jan 12 2024

While the tech sector experienced some setbacks at the beginning of 2023 as layoffs rocked the industry, technology remains among the top three industries where companies hire MBA graduates, alongside consulting and finance. 

With advancements in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data analytics, exciting job opportunities in tech continue to emerge for innovative, challenge-hungry professionals. 

Studying an MBA can help equip you with the analytical thinking and programming skills to be at the forefront of such global innovations. You’ll be first in line to land roles with big names in tech such as Amazon, Google, and Microsoft who are among the top recruiters of MBA grads.

Some of the highest paying tech jobs such as product managers, AI engineers, and data scientists see MBAs earning attractive $100k+ salaries. 

So, where should you look to find the best MBA programs for tech careers in 2024? 

Here are the top global business schools that saw the most grads enter the tech industry in 2023, each cementing their place as a launchpad for aspiring tech professionals to start their careers.

Best MBAs For Tech In 2024

10. The University of Chicago Booth School of Business  

One of a number of M7 business schools on the list, Chicago Booth saw 80 MBA graduates land careers in the tech industry in 2023, with Big Tech firms Amazon and Google among the list of employers. 

Alongside learning core business fundamentals to prepare them for leadership roles, Booth MBAs can choose from a robust range of electives to hone their data programming skills and understanding of tech advancements. Just some of these electives include Advanced Decision Models with Python, Artificial Intelligence, and Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies, and Web3. 

Booth tech MBA grads earned a median salary of $146,500 in 2023. 

= 9. UCLA Anderson School of Management

If you want to study in sunny Los Angeles, look no further than UCLA Anderson School of Management. Aside from the weather, enrolling here also means you’ll be attending a business school with a top-ranked careers service—fourth in the world, according to the FT—which helped prepare 84 students (30% of the MBA class) to land careers in tech in 2023. 

Tech-savvy UCLA MBAs can choose the Easton Technology Leadership specialization which includes courses such as New Product Development, Technology Management, and Payment Technology. 

The school also boasts strong company connections which have seen students land summer internships and full-time roles in technology with Apple, Microsoft, Bytedance, and Tencent, among others. The median salary for UCLA MBAs in tech was $140,000 in 2023. 

= 9. University of California Berkeley Haas School of Business

Another top-ranked US MBA program that saw 84 graduates land roles in the tech sector is the University of California Berkeley Haas School of Business. Students at Haas benefit from being on the doorstep of top Fortune 500 companies in the Bay Area such as Cisco, Salesforce, and Adobe. 

The Berkeley Haas MBA program favors hands-on, experiential learning with several initiatives to allow students to test their skills in real-world environments. Aspiring tech professionals will likely be interested in the Cleantech to Market project where students work with scientists to evaluate the commercial viability of new technologies. 

In 2023, Haas tech MBAs earned median salaries of $151,000. 

7. Columbia Business School

The Columbia Business School MBA program ranks number one in the world, according to the Financial Times. The school is also among the elite M7 business schools. It’s no surprise then that Columbia MBA grads are landing roles in the most competitive business industries, with tech companies hiring 95 grads in 2023. 

The Columbia MBA has a theory to practice approach with case-based lessons and collaborative learning that encourages innovative problem-solving—an essential skill in any tech career. For example, in the Analytics in Action Master Class MBA students team up with engineering students to work on company sponsored projects to achieve real company goals using business analytics and data science. 

Top recruiters include Amazon, PwC, and Google. In 2023, Columbia MBAs graduates in tech careers earned a median salary of an impressive $145,000. 

6. Northwestern Kellogg School of Management 

M7 business school Kellogg School of Management saw 97 graduates hired into the tech industry in 2023, making it one of the best MBAs for tech careers.  

For those who want to fast-track their career in the rapidly evolving industry, the school offers an accelerated one-year MBA option as well as a two-year MBA. 

Kellogg MBAs can opt for a range of pathways to gain a specialist skillset for their target industry. The AI and Analytics pathway includes courses such as Human and Machine Intelligence and Data Exploration, as well as an Analytical Consulting Lab in which students work with real clients to solve problems using data. 

Similarly for students aspiring to a leadership role within the tech industry, the Technology Management Pathway focuses on how tech integrates with business operations and strategy. 

Kellogg tech MBAs earned a median salary of $145,850 in 2023. 

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5. Harvard Business School 

Like its fellow M7 business schools, Harvard Business School is home to one of the most competitive MBA programs in the world. But that competition pays off as in 2023, 101 members of its graduating MBA class landed roles in the tech industry. 

Harvard MBA classes are centered around The Case Method and The Field Method in which students evaluate real-life business cases in the classroom and take part in a one-week immersion with a global company. Students can also specialize their degree with a range of Technology and Operations Management elective courses such as Digital Innovation and Transformation or Designing Technology Ventures. 

You may even see a famous face while on campus as Harvard frequently welcomes celebrity guest lecturers including the likes of Kim Kardashian and David Beckham

In 2023, Harvard graduates who landed careers in tech earned a median salary of $165,000—the highest on the list. If you’re looking to launch a career with a top technology firm, Harvard is among the best MBA programs for tech worldwide. 

4. The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania

Earning an MBA from Wharton is sure to make your CV stand out to employers in the tech industry, as it did for the 103 graduates hired into the sector in 2023. 

The Wharton MBA offers an extensive selection of majors such as Business Analytics—which is STEM-certified—and Entrepreneurship and Innovation, a solid choice for graduates wanting to tap into the world of tech startups. 

Among the best MBAs for tech, top industry employers of Wharton MBA grads include Apple, Meta, PayPal, and Google. In 2023, the median salary tech MBAs earned was $153,500.  

3. London Business School 

The chance to tap into London’s renowned tech business landscape—home to 1,382 AI companies—is not one to be missed. In 2023, 166 graduates from London Business School launched careers in the sector. 

During the LBS MBA, students can experience this first-hand in the LondonCAP project which connects students with major companies such as Google and Peloton as well as startups. The program also includes global experiences to experience different business cultures in which recent students have travelled to Johannesburg, Paris, and Peru. 

The median salary for LBS tech grads in 2023 was $107,752. 


The INSEAD MBA is ranked second in the world by the Financial Times and has campuses in both France and Singapore. 

The program is forward-thinking with sustainability considerations embedded into all MBA core courses. Plus, aspiring entrepreneurs can build a global outlook during elective courses such as Building Business in China and Building Business in Silicon Valley—a powerhouse of the tech industry. There are also electives focused on FinTech and AI Strategy for Startups and C-Suites. 

INSEAD boasts an impressive list of hiring companies in the FinTech sector such as PayPal and Revolut. In 2023, INSEAD tech MBAs earned median salaries of $112,631. 

1. Indian School of Business 

Soaring ahead with a huge 295 graduates landing roles in the tech industry in 2023, making it the best MBA program for technology careers this year, is the Indian School of Business. 

Top recruiting companies in the tech industry of ISB grads include Apple, Google, Samsung, and Microsoft. 

The MBA program offers a range of tech-focused elective courses to prepare grads for a diverse range of careers in tech such as Data Driven Strategies For Digital Platforms, Business Value of Disruptive Technologies, and Digital Game Design Techniques for Businesses. 

The median salary for grads in tech from the Indian School of Business in 2023 was $43,405, substantially lower than other schools on this list due to various factors including lower average income levels in India, and a comparatively low cost of tuition. 

MBA Programs With The Most Technology Hires In 2023 

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All hiring data is sourced from Bloomberg