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Wharton MBA Jobs & Salary Review

Which companies hire MBAs from the Wharton School? What do Wharton MBAs earn? Find out in our Wharton MBA Jobs & Salary Review

Tue Mar 19 2024

The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, known as the Wharton MBA or the UPenn MBA, needs no introduction. The Philadelphia-based Ivy League giant is hailed as the best business school in the world

Founded in 1881, the Wharton School has built a prestigious name for itself, bolstered by its world-renowned faculty, research strengths, and stellar MBA jobs outcomes. 

Not to mention that the school’s reputation is boosted by its impressive Wharton MBA notable alumni, who include Sundar Pichai, the CEO of Google parent company Alphabet Inc. and former CEO of Time Inc., Laura Lang.

Aside from creating powerful business frontrunners, the two-year Wharton MBA is known for its expertise in finance. The Wharton School also sits proudly amongst the elite M7 business schools, a notoriously selective group of business schools that includes the likes of Harvard, Stanford, and Columbia.

So, what kind of return and MBA jobs can you expect from the Wharton MBA?

Wharton MBA | Class of 2023

Companies hiring Wharton MBAs

Wharton MBA grads enter impressive careers at top companies across a range of sectors. Big Three Consultant firms like Boston Consulting Group (BCG), Bain, and McKinsey hired Wharton MBAs from the class of 2023.

Wharton MBAs also landed careers with big tech giants like Amazon, Apple, and Google, as well as major players in the finance industry such as Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, and Bank of America.

Of the 688 Wharton MBAs from the class of 2023 seeking employment, 97.2% reported job offers, and around 92% reported job acceptances. 


Popular Wharton MBA jobs

Unsurprisingly, given the Wharton MBA program’s strengths in the subject, finance is the most popular career route for grads in the class of 2023. Around 37% of MBA grads entered the financial services within areas like investment banking and private equity. 

The finance career path provides high salaries and good progression opportunities, so it’s a popular route for challenge-hungry MBAs.

Almost 29% of MBA grads joined high-flying consulting careers, which is an increase of almost 5% from the class of 2022. 

Meanwhile, technology ranked as the third most popular MBA jobs route, with 13.5% of MBAs landing roles within tech—this is a slight decrease of around 3% from the class of 2022.

In 2023, a wave of redundancies swept the tech industry, which may explain the decline in Wharton MBAs entering tech careers.

Just over 5% of Wharton MBAs landed roles within healthcare, while almost 2% of grads found jobs across retail.

Wharton MBA jobs

Average Wharton MBA salary | Is the Wharton MBA cost worth it?

Considering that the average Wharton MBA cost in total is $240k, according to our Cost of MBA Report 2023 , you’ll be relieved to know that the Wharton MBA produces some of the world’s highest paid business school grads

In the Wharton MBA class of 2023, grads landed a median salary of $175k overall. 

The highest paying industry for Wharton MBAs was legal and professional services, with the 2% of Wharton MBA grads who joined this sector landing a median salary of $215k. The second highest paid grads were those who entered careers within consulting, where they earned a median salary of $190k. This is a substantial increase from the class of 2022, where graduates in consulting earned a median salary of $175k.

In third place in terms of industry, grads across financial services earned $175k, while the growing fintech sector paid grads a median salary of almost $162k. Similarly, grads who found MBA jobs within the media, entertainment, and sports industry earned a median salary of $157k.

Grads in technology, the third most popular Wharton MBA career route, landed a median salary of $162k.

Many students are motivated to ace the Wharton MBA application due to the return on investment (ROI) of attending the Wharton MBA. After three years, Wharton MBAs earn an average graduate salary of $245,772 a year.

Wharton MBA career destinations

The US is not only one of the best places to study an MBA, but it also offers some of the best MBA jobs for ambitious grads.

The most popular regional destination was the Northeast of the US, with roughly 48% of Wharton MBAs landing jobs there. Meanwhile, around 20% entered careers on the US West Coast and almost 9% landed roles in the Mid-Atlantic.

Beyond the US, Asia was the most popular MBA career destination, with 4.6% starting jobs there. Other Wharton MBA grads entered careers in Canada and Europe. 

MBA grads across the US earned the highest MBA salaries, reaching a median salary of $175k. Those who ventured further afield to Asia made a median salary of around $150k while across Europe grads earned a median salary of roughly $141k. 

Who is the Wharton MBA for?


If you’re a hopeful MBA student with plans to enter high-flying careers within the traditional MBA triumvirate of finance, consulting, and tech then the Wharton MBA is sure to provide great careers links to top MBA employers in these fields.

With its strong subject expertise in finance in particular, students looking for high paying finance careers should consider the Wharton MBA.

Attending a Wharton MBA also means access to a global alumni network of successful business school grads. Plus, Wharton’s prestigious brand name can go some way to opening doors for you, helping you to land some of the best MBA jobs out there.

The Wharton MBA is likely to be a good fit for you if you’re dreaming about landing a top MBA job in the US, but there are also many Wharton grads who find careers in Asia and Europe.

Find out more about the Wharton MBA class of 2025.


This article was written in Jan 2022 and updated with the latest data in March 2024.