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Who Are The M7 Business Schools?

The likes of Harvard, Stanford, and Wharton make up the list of the magnificent M7 business schools

Thu Mar 23 2023


The magic or magnificent seven, known as the M7 business schools, are a group of well-known, elite US business schools, widely regarded as among the best in the world.

At these business schools, you’ll pursue top-ranked MBA and master’s programs, get access to leading professors, transform your career trajectory, and join impressive communities of notable alumni comprising presidents and CEOs.

In 2023, the M7 brought shocks to the Financial Times MBA ranking table as Wharton Business School dramatically dropped out of the ranking and Columbia Business School made history by taking the top spot for the first time in 25 years.

The M7 business schools are highly competitive and require top GMAT scores. MBA graduates from these schools also see their salaries spike and can expect to be sitting on an easy six figures come graduation. 

The M7 business schools are: Harvard Business School, Stanford Graduate School of Business, the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School, Columbia Business School, Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management, Chicago Booth, and MIT Sloan.

If you’re considering an M7 MBA, find out more about the M7 business schools and how their full-time MBA programs compare below.

The M7 Business Schools

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Harvard Business School


©HarvardBusinessSchool / via Facebook

Class size:1,015
% international: 38
% women: 46
Average MBA salary 3 years after graduation*: $235,177

Harvard Business School was founded in 1908 in Boston, Massachusetts, and has produced many notable alumni, including Facebook COO, Sheryl Sandberg, and CEO and founder of Bloomberg, Michael Bloomberg.

This year, Harvard Business School ranked fourth in the Financial Times MBA ranking, a slightly lower position than it has held in previous years. The Class of 2024 cohort is the largest amongst the M7, offering the school’s MBA offers candidates a wealth of networking opportunities. 

MBA students can expect to earn a massive $245,000 in total compensation straight after graduation (salary + bonuses) and $235k in salary alone after three years.

Harvard MBA Jobs & Salary Review

Harvard MBA Class Profile | Breakdown

Stanford Graduate School of Business


©StanfordGSB / via Facebook

Class size: 424
% international: 37
% women: 44
Average MBA salary 3 years after graduation: $253,435

Stanford Graduate School of Business was founded in California in 1925 and the school’s MBA class profile boasts an impressive bunch. Graduates from Stanford can expect an average post-MBA salary of $253,425, the highest among the...

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