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Kellogg MBA Jobs & Salary Review

Which companies hire MBAs from Northwestern University's Kellogg School of Management? How much do Kellogg MBAs earn? Find out in our Kellogg MBA Jobs & Salary Review

Wed May 22 2024

MBA students at Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University can expect impressive MBA salaries and exciting MBA jobs prospects after they graduate. In fact, its alumni rank eighth on our list of the highest-paid MBA grads.

This is due in part to the school’s sterling reputation.

Kellogg is one of the elite M7 business schools, among the most reputable in the USA, noted alongside big names like Stanford, Harvard, and Wharton.

It is consistently ranked among the best MBA programs in the world: In 2024, the Kellogg MBA was ranked sixth in the world by the Financial Times. Notable Kellogg alumni include American senator John Hoeven and Massachusetts governor Charlie Baker. 

Kellogg offers a traditional, two-year MBA program, as well as a one-year MBA and its MMM program, a dual degree combining an MBA with an MS in Design Innovation.

So which companies hire Kellogg MBA graduates? And what's the average Kellogg MBA salary?

Most popular industries for Kellogg MBAs

83.6% of Kellogg’s two-year MBA class of 2023* were already employed upon graduation according to Kellogg's latest MBA employment report, and 91.9% of graduates were employed three months after their MBA. 

It is important to note here that more than 73% of these accepted job offers were school-facilitated, primarily through school-backed summer employment and the Kellogg MBA jobs board. Not only does the Kellogg MBA give you the skills to land a new role, but it provides connections, too.

Students use these connections to pursue a variety of career paths. The most popular industries for Kellogg two-year MBA graduates are consulting (42%), financial services (22%), and technology roles (17%).

Other industries that enticed the class of 2020 include consumer packaged goods (7%), healthcare (3%), retail (2%), and manufacturing (2%).  

Companies hiring Kellogg MBAs

Which companies hired MBA grads from Kellogg?

Consulting firms were by far the biggest recruiter of Kellogg MBAs in 2023, continuing a trend for the school, with the Big Three hiring a significant number of the class. Bain took on 26 two-year MBAs from Kellogg, McKinsey took on 46, and The Boston Consulting Group hired 45. 

Technology giant Amazon was the biggest Kellogg MBA employer in the tech industry taking on 15 graduates from the business school.

Other notable employers welcoming Kellogg MBAs include Microsoft, Deloitte Consulting, Nike, Apple, Google, and HelloFresh. 

Average Kellogg MBA salary

Kellogg MBA salary prospects are impressive. At the lower end, graduates from the two-year MBA class of 2023 earned a base salary of $85,000. On average, however, the average Kellogg MBA salary upon graduation is almost double that, at nearly $165,000. 

The highest paying MBA jobs for Kellogg grads were found in the finance sector. Private equity offered the highest overall average base salary at over $202,000, closely followed by venture capital at $200,000.


The average base salary for a Kellogg two-year MBA graduate in consulting was over $181,600, and for jobs in technology Kellogg grads earned a base salary of over $159,300 on average.

Salaries come with bonuses too; an average signing bonus of $35,324 and a top signing bonus of a whopping $220,000 – that’s more than a year’s salary for some of the most well-paid Kellogg MBAs.

Kellogg MBA job destinations

The vast majority of Kellogg two-year MBA graduates stayed in the United States after graduation: a whopping 94.1% of the class.

This is likely due to the higher salaries available in the USA. Among the 5.9% of the class that took up roles abroad, the average base salary was $126,41, with the highest salary sitting at $216,000.

By contrast, the average base salary in the United States was $172,595, with the highest salary reaching $450,000.

Within the US, almost a third of graduates stayed in the Midwest, where the school is located. MBA salaries for Kellogg grads in the Mid-Atlantic, Midwest, and Southern United States all averaged between $166,000 and just under $170,000.

The Northeast was the second-most popular destination with almost a quarter of grads landing jobs there. Here, grads earned $174,663 on average, and in the West, $171,329.

The Southwest promised the highest average base salaries at $189,409, with average salaries in the Houston Metro area reaching $200,000.

Kellogg MBA careers: McKinsey to nonprofits

Kellogg graduates find their way into a variety of industries, following varied and exciting paths. Having graduated in 2005, Michael Clark's MBA got him a job at McKinsey & Company as an associate principal. After nearly seven years at McKinsey, he used his skills and experience to switch into the charity sector. 


ARK is a UK charity encouraging children all over the world into education. As deputy chief executive, Michael attributes some of his success and experience to his MBA, helping him change the lives of others through his work.

“My MBA at Kellogg helped me to fill skills gaps from the first five years of my professional life whilst also helping me understand my passion for the social sector," Michael says.

“The international network that I built at Kellogg has been greatly supportive over the last 15 years and I had the best year of my life balancing hard work and lots of fun in a beautiful setting with a group of inspiring and wonderful classmates and faculty.”

Who is the Kellogg MBA for?


Kellogg School of Management has strong connections the world's top MBA employers.

If you want to work for a Big Three consulting firm and earn an impressive salary straight out of your MBA, Kellogg has a lot to offer.

If you have high salary ambitions, you’ll be able to achieve them in the USA, but be prepared to work a little harder internationally.

Kellogg may be a US school, but thanks to its international reputation you’ll build a strong global network on the Kellogg MBA.


*Article is based on data from Kellogg's 2023 Employment Report for the two-year MBA program. This article was first published in May 2021 and updated in May 2024.