Average GMAT Scores For The World’s Top MBA Programs

What GMAT score do you need to get into a top MBA? Check out the average GMAT scores for the world’s top MBA programs

The GMAT Exam is the world's premier business school admissions test, measuring your readiness for the academic demands of an MBA program.

Setting a series of quantitative and verbal questions, your skills are put to the test of the course of the three hour GMAT test. Scoring high on the GMAT will make a good case for you to earn a seat on a top MBA .

So, what is a good GMAT score for an MBA program? A good idea is to aim for the average score of the MBA class you want to get into. To help you out, each year we highlight the average GMAT scores for the world's top MBA programs.*

US Schools: Average GMAT Scores for Stanford, Harvard & more

Stanford cements its place as one of the best MBA programs, proved primarily by the quality of its candidates. The average GMAT score for Stanford is 733, the highest among the top MBA programs.

The average GMAT score for Harvard comes in a close second at 730 (Harvard provides a median GMAT score), while the UC Berkeley Haas average GMAT score comes in third at a respectable 727. Haas is joined in third place by Kellogg, also on 727.

The majority of the top US schools have average GMAT scores of 700 and above. The average GMAT score for Columbia Business School is 726, Chicago Booth’s comes in at 724, and the Wharton average GMAT comes in at 722. MIT Sloan and Yale both record average GMAT scores of 720.

New US entrants to the Financial Times MBA Ranking top 20 score slightly lower average GMAT scores. Georgetown McDonough, one of the biggest climbers in this year’s FT top 20, has an average GMAT of 691, the only US school listed here with an average GMAT score below 700.  

What is clear though is that a 700+ GMAT isn’t everything. Look a little closer at a school’s GMAT score range, and you get a better idea of how diverse candidate profiles might be.

Harvard and Stanford both see big GMAT ranges. Harvard accepted students with a GMAT of 620 all the way up to 790...

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