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GMAT Focus Edition: The New GMAT Exam Scoring System

Here’s everything you need to know about how the GMAT exam scoring system is changing in the new GMAT Focus Edition, launching in late 2023

Tue May 2 2023


The new GMAT Focus Edition is scheduled to arrive in late 2023. Free and paid prep materials will be available at on June 6 and you'll be able to register to take the test from August 29, with slots available in the last quarter of the year.

There are a few differences to the new GMAT exam, including a streamlined exam structure, a shorter test time of two hours and 15 minutes, an individually selected order for tackling each section, and a fully multiple-choice format. 

With the new GMAT Focus Edition exam format, also comes a change to how your results will be scored.

Here, we breakdown the new range of scoring as well as an overview of scoring in each of the three 45-minute sections—Quantitative Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning, and the new Data Insights component. 

The new GMAT Focus Edition scoring range

In the new GMAT Focus Edition exam, the scoring will range from 205 to 805, with score intervals of 10 points. Thus, each candidate will receive a score ending in five (for example someone might score 655, and the next highest score would be 665). 

As your GMAT exam results are valid for five years, this scoring convention ensures there is a clear distinction for both you and your target schools between test-takers who took the current GMAT and who will have taken the GMAT Focus Edition.

It is important to note that while your GMAT Focus Edition score may look similar to the current GMAT Exam score, it represents different performance levels and skills, so cannot be compared. 

Scoring in each section of the GMAT Focus Edition

There will be three sections to the GMAT Focus Edition, each of which is equally weighted. 

Whereas in the current GMAT Exam candidates receive one total score, the GMAT Focus Edition provides further insights by including a score for each of the three sections. Scores for Quantitative Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning, and Data Insights range between 60 to 90. 

For each section of the exam, your score is based on three factors: 

- the number of questions you answer

- whether your answers are correct or incorrect

- the difficulty and other parameters of the questions you answered


What does your GMAT Focus Edition score percentile mean?

As well as a total score and subsection scores, your Official Score Report will also include a percentile ranking. This shows what percentage of test takers you performed better than. 

For example, if your percentile ranking is 75%, this means you scored higher than 75% of other test takers. The percentile ranking will help schools when selecting candidates.

Performance insights

GMAT Focus Edition test-takers will also receive enhanced, detailed performance insights in their official score report. 

This includes insights for each question type, for each fundamental skill, and by content domain within each individual section of the exam.

You’ll also be able to see a breakdown of your time management throughout the exam. Your report will show in minutes your response time and your review time, for every question of all three sections. 

In the GMAT Focus Edition, test-takers will be taken to a new ‘Question Review & Edit’ page, where you will see your answers to each question, and any questions you bookmarked. Here, candidates can review as many questions as they like and edit three answers per section. 

Your performance insights report will show how much time you spent reviewing and editing questions in this section. 

These additional performance insights are for your benefit only. Analyzing your score report will help you to understand where your strengths and weaknesses lie to best prepare you for starting your business school journey.

What does the new scoring system mean for candidates?

Once you have taken the exam and received your score report, it’s up to you when you send it to your target schools. As GMAC has worked closely with partner schools on the GMAT Focus Edition and scoring system, institutions will be ready to receive scores when candidates start taking the test later this year.

If you sit the new GMAT Focus Edition and are happy with your score and know which business schools you have your sights set on, you’ll be able to send up to five free score reports to schools within 48 hours of receiving your report. Otherwise, your scores will be valid for five years to apply whenever suits your plans. 

Each school you send your official report to will be able to see your total score for the exam, as well as your individual section scores.

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