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McKinsey’s Global Head Of Recruitment Tells You How To Get Hired

McKinsey hired 1,100 MBA graduates between July 2018 and June 2019. Brian Rolfes explains how you can join them

Wed Sep 12 2018



For a man who didn’t go to business school, Brian Rolfes has spent an awful lot of time on MBA campuses. McKinsey & Company’s head of global recruitment lives at the forefront of business, and since joining the company in 1995 he’s developed an eagle eye used to pinpoint the next generation of global consultants.

MBA hiring is integral to McKinsey’s recruitment strategy. The company hired approximately 1,100 people from MBA programs between July 2018 and June 2019—up from 876 recorded in 2010.

He adds that the summer internship program is a hotbed for future recruits. Nearly all summer interns join McKinsey full-time, approximately 400 alone last year.

“Our summer intern program is especially successful as we make sure our interns have a substantial role on their client teams, so they really get a glimpse into what being a consultant is like,” he says.

Although the company accepts candidates from all MBA programs, Brian explains that there is a group of 30 business schools he works with particularly closely. They...

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