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10 Great Companies To Work For Career Growth

Fancy swiping right on a job ad for Tinder? From dating apps to solar power firms, here’s a list of some great companies to work for in the US when it comes to career growth

Mon Jul 1 2024

It’s hard to feel motivated at work when you feel like you aren’t progressing. In fact, according to a McKinsey study, lack of professional or personal growth opportunities is one of the biggest reasons why people leave their jobs. But how do you find great companies to work for that also offer ways to advance? 

Every year, employer and brand comparison site Comparably puts together a list of the top US businesses with the best avenues for career progression. The list is based on employee responses to questions such as, ‘Are you challenged at work?’, ‘How often do you get valuable feedback?’, and ‘Does your current company offer meaningful opportunities for career advancement?’

Employees also write reviews on the website, reporting their experiences of different areas such as the company culture and growth opportunities. This provides a more personalized picture of how their workplace supports them.   

So, to find out which are the best companies for career growth currently, we took a look at this year’s list. Here are the top 10 companies for 2024. 

10 Great Companies To Work For Career Growth 

10. Tinder 

Even if it hasn’t quite succeeded in progressing your love life, don’t knock starting a career with this multimillion dollar dating app. 

One of Tinder’s core company values is to create an authentic and collaborative environment—meaning that everyone gets a say. According to Comparably, 94% of employees feel challenged at work, while the majority report receiving valuable feedback on their work at least once per month. 

“I enjoy working in environments where I have an impact and I really feel that I've had and continue to have an impact by making actionable changes in a timely fashion,” says an anonymous Tinder worker. 

9. The Conference Board

It checks out that a company dedicated to connecting senior executives across industries is also proactive towards progressing its employees. 

An impressive 95% of Conference Board employees say they feel challenged at work, while 80% feel that the company provides them with meaningful advancement. 

According to one anonymous respondent, “I am constantly learning and being pushed to take on challenging assignments. I have grown tremendously professionally in my time here.”

8. Kyruus Health

An innovative healthcare platform, Kyruus Health employees report feeling motivated and listened to by members of senior management. On top of that, 87% believe their job offers them substantial growth opportunities within their field. 

“My job is the right amount of comfortable and challenging. I'm learning new things all the time but not in a way that feels overwhelming,” reveals a survey respondent.  

7. Aura Protects 

Aura Protects is a multifunctional app that offers identity theft protection, spam blocking, antivirus software, parental controls—and the freedom to fulfil your corporate aspirations.

Founded back in 2017, the company has grown to 400 employees but still maintains a small-team ethos. Half of all Aura Protects staff receive weekly feedback on their work, and 55% say they have access to a mentor. 

One employee writes, “I think my skills are recognized and desired. I love empowering others on the team to display their highest level of skill and mutually recognize when each of us executes brilliantly.”

6. Incite Tax

It’s probably not a massive surprise that a business dedicated to helping small companies save money from the IRS (by providing professional accounting experience) also has its employees’ best interests at heart. 

An undeniable 100% of Incite Tax staff feel motivated by the company’s core mission, 95% believe they have ample advancement opportunities in their role, and 63% report having a company mentor. 

“The culture aims to feed your personal success as well as general wellbeing. Both personal and professional growth appear to be valued,” one Incite Tax review says.

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5. Riverside Payments 

As a customer-facing financial services company, Riverside Payments understands that the first step to providing high quality services is making sure its employees are engaged.

Consequentially, 98% of employees report feeling suitably challenged at work, which is balanced by a company culture that encourages PTO and a strong work-life balance

As proof of its strong growth opportunities, one reviewer reveals: “I worked my way up from cold calling to public relations!”

4. Velosio 

Ever used a Microsoft application? You may have Velosio to thank, since it’s a tech partner that offers Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft cloud platform services.

Its employees unanimously report feeling challenged at work, and 91% percent believe it offers them ample avenues for career development. 

“There is an emphasis on growth and learning that is really supported by the Velosio culture. People here aren't afraid to ask questions or propose new solutions which allows for continuous skill improvement for everyone, no matter their tenure,” an employee writes. 

3. Sectigo

Coming in third on the list, this cloud-based IT company includes support, teamwork, collaboration, and growth amongst its core company values.

To achieve these aims, Sectigo ensures that its employees feel listened to. Impressively, 82% of staff report having a mentor, while almost three-quarters receive weekly feedback on their work. 

One Sectigo reviewer says, “What makes me the happiest at work is feeling supported in my personal and career goals as well as being valued for my skills.”

2. Altametrics 

Famously used by the global fast-food conglomerate, McDonalds, Altametrics is a tech company that integrates multiple functions of restaurant operations into a single platform.

Of course, for such a large, far-reaching company it’s imperative that employees feel connected. That’s why at Altametrics an unparalleled 97% of employees have a mentor, and, even more importantly, 98% say they have meaningful opportunities to progress. 

“The most positive [thing] about the culture and environment at Altametrics is the employee growth support,” says an employee. 

1. Everlight Solar

The winner of this list of great companies to work for career growth is also a top contender in terms of its diversity and CEO rating, too.

As a solar panel installation company, one of Everlight Solar’s key aims is—unsurprisingly—sustainability. However, it also puts a large emphasis on employee growth.  

More than 70% of Everlight Solar staff report receiving weekly feedback, while many employee reviews describe working on the team as like being part of a ‘family’. 

“Being given opportunities to grow and develop my skills brings me a lot of fulfillment. Knowing that I'm continuously learning and progressing in my career is incredibly rewarding,” says an employee. 

So, there you have it. These are just 10 great companies to work for in 2024 if you’re looking for stellar career growth opportunities.