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Top 10 Companies With The Best Work-Life Balance

With perks ranging from hybrid work to pet-friendly offices, here are 10 of the top US companies with the best work-life balance offering for their employees

Thu Apr 11 2024

Gone are the days of the corporate rat race. According to a 2023 Deloitte survey, both Gen Z and Millennials consider having a healthy work-life balance as the biggest priority in their careers—but what exactly does this mean for companies? 

Every year, the employers and brand comparison site Comparably puts together a list of the top US companies with the best work-life balance. These are based on employee ratings on factors such as diversity, gender equality, happiness, contentment with their team, the management, and perks.

Employees also write reviews on the website, reporting on different areas such as the company culture and opportunities for growth, in order to give a more personalized picture of their workplace environment.  

So, based on these metrics, what are Comparably’s top companies with the best work-life balance?  

Companies With The Best Work-Life Balance: Top 10 

10. nCino 

This innovative cloud-banking company is also leading the way in creating a positive work-life balance. Employees cite the positive, inclusive culture and the 20-30 days of PTO allowance as key to why they enjoy working at nCino. 

According to a survey respondent, “They care about culture. If we take 10 minutes to just chat about movies or local restaurants we aren’t getting side-eyed by managers. They see culture as part of doing your job well. Which really speaks to a positive work-life balance.”

9. Chegg

As an online student-to-student platform, Chegg...

as lessons to teach on creating a happy workforce. Employees rate the company’s diversity, perks, and future outlook an A+, while also feeling motivated by the company mission to improve student learning. 

“Chegg has the most supportive and inclusive culture I've ever experienced. You can be your authentic self and work alongside talented and diverse people who live and breathe the mission,” a Chegg employee told Comparably. 

8. Instacart 

Employees at this leading online grocery company enjoy office perks such as free food, company outings, and a flexible work-from-home policy. Plus, another important factor in Instacart’s high rating is that it also promotes a positive and collaborative atmosphere.

One respondent said of the firm, “The culture, for the most part, is extremely open, welcoming, and innovative. We interact with a lot of different people daily and nearly everyone approaches new opportunities with the same positive, open mindset!”

7. The Knot Worldwide

As a company that own several brands that cater towards celebration—including the global online wedding Vendor Marketplace—The Knot Worldwide also knows how to put a positive spin on the work environment. 

Not only do employees highly rate their CEO and management, staff can also avail of perks such as tuition reimbursement and financial aid.

“Collaboration is leadership down with great role modelling across the leadership team. Goals are increasingly metrics-driven, tying ambitious vision to realistic execution. We work hard every day on bringing something fundamentally joyous to people; and it's great that our company culture reflects that,” an anonymous employee wrote in the Comparably survey. 

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6. Nature’s Sunshine

It makes sense that this sustainability-focused nature and wellness company is all about employee wellnesstoo. Nature’s Sunshine staff rate their happiness, CEO, and management team highly, while also citing the company’s inclusive, family atmosphere as major contributing factors to their strong work-life balance. 

One Nature’s Sunshine employee said, “My company makes me more important than any project or work needing to be done. The work gets done, but I NEVER dread coming to work.”

5. HubSpot

This popular customer platform is rated A+ across all metrics by its employees, which includes important work-life factors such as diversity, gender equality, culture, positivity, and perks. HubSpot also offers a flexible remote working policy, unlimited vacation time, a gym membership reimbursement, and a pet-friendly office.

“HubSpot is very inclusive and empowers us to feel belonging. Unlimited vacation policy is one of the best perks/benefits that we have. Also, I love that HubSpot is very flexible and lets me work at home or at the office whenever I want,” one employee revealed within the survey. 

4. CarGarus

Most employees at this online car shopping platform consider the pace of work to be comfortably fast, while about 78% say they work eight hours or less. Plus, CarGurus also offers perks such as unique office space, free food, and flexible working. 

According to one respondent, “The best part of the culture is that work is important, but ends with the workday. No one is asked (directly or implicitly) to work extra hours to meet deliverables. Employee wellbeing is taken seriously.”

Companies With The Best Work-Life Balance: Top 3 

3. Workday

A leading provider of cloud-based enterprise applications for finance and HR services, Workday also boasts as one of the companies with the best work-life balance. The majority of employees consider both their work culture and their team to be positive, while also availing of perks such as working from home.

“People care. They care about having a good culture, they care about the work, they care about how the work is done. Nobody gets things right all the time, but good intentions and an active work towards improving and getting things right goes a long way,” wrote one Workday employee. 

2. Elsevier

Number two on this list, Elsevier is a global leader in information and analytics. Employees at this dynamic company give A+ ratings to its diversity, gender equality, and future outlook. Plus, the company offers desirable perks that contribute to work-life balance such as healthcare and gym membership. 

According to a reviewer: “Self-growth and taking care of one's mental health is part of the positive culture and environment in the company.”

1. DataArt

Topping this list of the companies with the best work-life balance is a global software company that takes pride in using a human approach to solve problems. To fulfil this mission, DataArt invests heavily in its employee’s work-life balance by offering remote working options, tuition reimbursement, and 20-30 days PTO. 

“[They] respect cultural diversity, allow days off on official national holidays, access to numerous courses, learning materials and programs,” one DataArt employee told Comparably. 

So, if you’re searching for a job with a great work-life balance, then look no further than these top 10 companies.