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Bain, Microsoft & The 25 Best Companies To Work For | MBA Edition

Bain, Microsoft, and Google all feature in Glassdoor’s 25 best companies to work for. We highlight some of the best options for MBA graduates

By  Jonathan Oldaker

Fri Jan 13 2023

MBAs tend to have their pick of the top jobs after graduation. When choosing which company to work for after your MBA, you have many factors to consider. Salary, location, and reputation of the company all play a big part in making your decision.

Each year, Glassdoor publishes a ranking of the best companies to work for in the United States, based on employee reviews. This provides a good yardstick for MBA grads when choosing the right place to carve out a career.

The list is complete with usual suspects like the Big Three consulting firms, big tech and finance companies, as well as some companies which were started by MBA graduates themselves.

Glassdoor Top 25 Best Places To Work 2023

Tech companies on top 

Tech giants Google and Microsoft feature in the list alongside several other tech companies. Gainsight, a San Francisco based software company specializing in customer success solutions is ranked the best company to work for in 2023. It's followed by cloud content management provider, Box. 

NVIDIA, a leader in the tech industry that provides graphics cards used in technology such as computers and mobile devices, is ranked the fifth best company to work for in 2023. Mathematical computing software provider, Mathworks is ranked sixth. Cloud computing software provider, ServiceNow, also features among the top 10. 

In total six of the top 10 companies ranked by Glassdoor are in the technology sector. Tech companies are typically popular for their strong compensation packages and positive workplace culture. 

A common role for MBA graduates within tech companies is project manager, and the average base pay for project managers at Google is $110,575, and $114,148 at Microsoft. 

When it comes to company culture, one employee wrote of Gainsight: "Gainsight truly lives and breathes its company values and tries winning in business while being human-first." 

Tech remains one of the most popular careers for MBA graduates. In 2022, 92% of tech companies said they had plans to hire MBA graduates, according to GMAC

For MBA grads interested in the tech industry, there are a host of big-name companies listed in Glassdoor’s best places to work. Microsoft, Google, Adobe, LinkedIn, and NVIDIA are listed in the top 25, and all actively recruit from business schools.

Consulting firms do well 

The prevalence of consulting firms in the top 25 is good news for MBAs. Consulting is typically one of the most popular industries for students to land jobs. A large proportion of those going into consultancy aim for the Big Three firms—McKinsey & Company, Bain & Company, and the Boston Consulting Group (BCG).

It’s no surprise, as these companies’ reputation and consistently high salaries–they each pay grads $175k on average after hiring them–make them a top draw for MBA candidates.

For top-ranked schools like Harvard Business School and Stanford Graduate School of Business, getting hired by the big consulting firms is a big part of their draw.

Bain is third on the Glassdoor list, making it the highest-ranked  of the big three. One employee writes of the firm: 'I've worked at a variety of companies in my career and hands-down, Bain has the best culture.'

McKinsey is ranked slightly lower, in fourth. One McKinsey employee described working there as "Incredibly rewarding on all levels. The people, opportunities for impact, and professional growth are unparalleled." 

BCG ranked third among the MBB consulting firms and ranks as the seventh best company to work for overall. 

Companies set up by MBAs

HubSpot is ranked as the 11th best place to work in the US, according to Glassdoor. The company was founded by Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah, who met each other on the MBA at MIT Sloan. In fact their early investors were contacts from the MBA, as well as early members of the team.

HubSpot—a company that provides marketing and sales software for businesses—specifically tailors jobs to the MBA jobs market. To propel students into higher roles at the company, it runs an in-house ‘Accelerated Leadership Program’ for MBA grads.

Business schools support the growth of entrepreneurial activity, through incubators for startups, and electives in how to build successful entrepreneurial skills. So it’s no surprise that companies started by MBAs feature on the list.

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