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Bain, Microsoft & The 20 Best Companies To Work For | MBA Edition

Bain, Microsoft, and NVIDIA all feature in Glassdoor’s 20 best companies to work for. We highlight some of the best options for MBA graduates

Wed Jan 10 2024

MBAs tend to have their pick of the top jobs after graduation. When choosing which company to work for after your MBA, you have many factors to consider. Salary, location, and reputation of the company all play a big part in making your decision.

Each year, Glassdoor publishes a ranking of the best companies to work for in the United States, based on employee reviews. This provides a good yardstick for MBA grads when choosing the right place to carve out a career.

The list is complete with usual suspects like the Big Three consulting firms, Big Tech companies, and leading financial institutions, as well a variety of players active in sectors ranging from retail to hospitality.

Glassdoor Top 20 Best Places To Work 2024

Tech firms dominant among best companies to work for

Tech giants Microsoft and NVIDIA feature in the list alongside several other tech companies including well-established names such as Adobe. 

While Bain & Company, one of the MBB consulting firms, is Glassdoor's best company to work for in 2024, the following four spots in the ranking are populated by tech firms. 

NVIDIA, a leader in the tech industry that provides all-important graphics cards used in anything from computers to electric cars—and a dominant player in the flourishing artificial intelligence sector—ranks second. 

When it comes to company culture, one employee wrote of NVIDIA: "Great culture around designing the highest performance products based on what can be done verses what is 'good enough'.

Cloud computing software provider, ServiceNow, rises from ninth place in the 2023 ranking to place among the top three this year. Gainsight, the San Francisco based software company specializing in customer success solutions that topped last year's ranking, drops out of the top 20 altogether. 

Other companies that rank among the 10 best companies to work for include mathematical computing software provider, Mathworks (fourth), and Procore Technologies (fifth), a tech firm that provides solutions for the construction sector. 

In total six of the top 10 companies ranked by Glassdoor are in the technology sector. Tech companies are typically popular for their strong compensation packages and positive workplace cultures. 

A common role for MBA graduates within tech companies is product management, which involves driving the development of innovative new products and employing a diverse skill set that marries well with the holistic business acumen an MBA provides. Product management ranks among the highest paying employment areas in tech

Tech remains one of the most popular careers for MBA graduates, alongside consulting, and finance. Almost 40% of prospective business school students identify it as a target industry, according to the Graduate Management Admission Council. 

For MBA grads interested in the tech industry, there are a host of companies listed in Glassdoor’s best places to work that actively recruit from business schools.

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Bain tops the list as the best consulting firm to work for

The prevalence of consulting firms in the top 20 is good news for MBAs. Consulting is typically one of the most popular industries for students to land jobs. A large proportion of those going into consultancy aim for the Big Three firms—McKinsey & Company, Bain & Company, and the Boston Consulting Group (BCG).

That's no surprise as these companies’ strong reputations and consistently high salaries—they each pay MBA grads around $190k on average after hiring them—make them a top draw for MBA candidates.

For top-ranked schools like Harvard Business School and Stanford Graduate School of Business, getting hired by the big consulting firms is a large part of their draw.

Topping the Glassdoor list, and therefore the best of the big three consulting firms to work for in 2024, is Bain. One employee said of the firm: "Great colleagues who are genuinely invested in your personal development." 

Another consulting firm appearing in the list is 2020 Companies. Offering an entirely different service to Bain, 2020 Companies specializes in providing marketing and retail expertise to clients. 

While last year's top 20 featured fellow MBB firm, McKinsey, among the top five companies to work for, the highly prestigious firm drops out of the top 20 altogether in 2024. It's a similar story for BCG, which ranked seventh in 2023 but also fails to appear among the top 20 this year. 

Other top performers from the 2024 Glassdoor ranking

While the overwhelming majority of companies listed in Glassdoor's 20 best companies to work for are part of the technology industry—with consulting firms also carving out a smaller slice of the pie—there are several other cross-industry companies that feature in the list. 

Fidelity Investments and Raymond James Financial are the sole representatives of the highly popular financial sector. While offering substantial earning potential and housing a wide variety of prestigious multinational companies, finance is an industry that's often associated with long, high pressured hours and work-life balance challenges. 

Elsewhere fast food chain In-N-Out Burger appears within the Glassdoor list, as does Crew Carwash and Delta Airlines. Keller Williams, the largest real estate franchise in the US, also ranks among the best companies to work for in 2024. 

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