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3 Great Strategies For The Class of 2023 To Help You Land A Job

With the class of 2023 now entering the job market, here are some of the key strategies you should employ to ensure success when applying for top roles

Tue Aug 22 2023

Commencement ceremonies are in the rear-view mirror and the class of 2023 is now out in the job market hunting for great roles to kickstart their careers.

Last year, a report from the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) found that employers planned to hire 32% more new college graduates from the class of 2022 than they hired from 2021’s graduating class.

The news is positive again in 2023: a study from the Economic Policy Institute found that the class of 2023 is graduating into an even stronger labor market, benefiting younger workers because of lower unemployment and underemployment rates. 

That’s good to hear, but for those who have just completed their studies, navigating the job market can still be challenging. 

With so many jobs advertised, it can be overwhelming to figure out which roles you should apply for and what you need to do with your resume and cover letter to achieve success. 

So what can you do to speed up the process and make sure you land a great role? Here are three simple––yet effective––strategies to try.

Know what you want to do

There are a large number of career paths you can explore with an MBA. What appeals? Do you want to go down the path of accountancy, or does being HR manager sound good to you? 

Graduating from an MBA means you can move into tech, become a financial analyst, management analyst, or project manager.

With this powerful qualification under your belt, the world is your oyster, so figure out the direction you’d like to take and go from there.

Know who you want to work for

Once you’ve decided your focus, the next step is to identify what company you’d ideally like to work for. 

Select 10 or 20 companies in the right industries and research them. Look for relevant job openings, and read up on their products, services, and recent news. 

Plus, make sure your skills and experience are right for the jobs you’d like to do and only apply if you think you match what they are looking for.

Set up your resume, cover letter and socials 

It’s tempting to create one resume and cover letter and send those out to every job you apply for. 

But best practice is to create tailored materials for each job and include anything specific that relates to the job itself. Adding relevant keywords from the job description is a great place to start.

Additionally, clean up any social media accounts you have and make sure your professional profile is up to date.

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This article was written by Kirstie McDermott