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10 Best MBAs For Finance Careers In 2024

Aiming for a career in finance and wondering which business schools are best for helping grads enter the sector? These are the 10 best MBAs for finance careers in 2024

Wed Jan 10 2024

Selecting the right MBA program is a pivotal decision that can shape the trajectory of your career, particularly in finance—an industry that offers tough competition and high pressure work, as well as the lucrative opportunity to earn seriously competitive salaries.

Top financial companies including the likes of Goldman Sachs, HSBC, and Evercore hire from business school cohorts cross the globe each year. They value MBA graduates for their holistic business acumen, academic prowess, and soft skills. 

In 2023, several business schools stood out as top finance target schools, with a proven track record for helping hundreds of graduates successfully launch careers in the finance sector. 

So, as we look ahead to what the new year could bring, here are the top MBAs that will elevate your skillset and help you launch your finance career in 2024. 

Best MBAs For Finance In 2024

10. Stanford Graduate School of Business 

Living up to its strong global reputation, Stanford GSB is one of the best MBAs for finance aspirants aiming to launch their career in the sector. 

In 2023, 86 Stanford grads were hired into the sector, earning an astounding median salary of $200,000, the highest of all schools within this list. 

Nestled in the heart of Silicon Valley, Stanford GSB stands as a modernizer of finance education. With a focus on innovation and technology, the school uniquely combines traditional finance principles with emerging trends in FinTech. 

Close proximity to industry giants and the school's innovative approach make it a prime destination for those seeking a comprehensive finance education.

9. Indian School of Business (ISB)

As a leading international business school, ISB's MBA program is designed to prepare graduates for global leadership roles across various sectors. This makes it one of the best MBAs for finance. 

The first of only three non-US institutions on the list, the school provides a rigorous curriculum, diverse student body, and strong connections in the Indian and global business communities. This makes it a top choice for those seeking a finance career in the dynamic Indian market and beyond.

ISB's class of 2023 had 90 graduates enter the industry, however their median salaries were much lower than those seen in the US at $43,405 ( ₹3,200,000). This is due to a variety of factors, including lower average income levels in India and a cheaper cost of education. 

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8. University of Virginia Darden School of Business 

Darden's case method approach and focus on practical application make it a standout choice for finance education. The school's commitment to experiential learning and its strong alumni network provide graduates with the tools necessary for success in finance.

The school's strong links with the finance industry and its commitment to developing practical skills contribute to a reputation as a top choice for aspiring finance professionals. This is clear to see, with top companies such as UBS, S&P Global, and Bank of America listed among the employers of Darden graduates. 

In 2023, Darden's class achieved success in the finance industry with 25.4% of students entering the sector, earning a median salary of $175,000.


As a leading international business school, INSEAD's MBA program is designed to prepare graduates for global leadership roles across a variety of industries. 

The school's campuses in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East contribute to a truly international learning experience. INSEAD's strong alumni network spans the globe, providing graduates with a vast array of international career opportunities in finance.

The school is renowned as a top target school for the consulting industry, however INSEAD's 2023 class had 90 hires enter the financial sector, earning a median salary of $133,929 (€112,291). 

6. Cornell University SC Johnson Graduate School of Business 

Located in upstate New York, Cornell Johnson’s 2023 class saw 38.7% of grads entering the finance industry, earning an average salary of $175,000. 

Cornell Johnson's finance program stands out for its emphasis on leadership and teamwork. The school's collaborative approach to finance education, coupled with a diverse learning environment, prepares graduates for success in team-oriented financial roles. 

Johnson's strong connections with industry leaders contributes to its recognition as one of the best MBAs for finance enthusiasts.

5. London Business School

For those aspiring to build an international finance career, London Business School offers a unique advantage. 

LBS is the top MBA outside of the US featured on this list, with 102 finance hires comprising a 27% chunk of its 2023 MBA graduating class. These graduates are paid an impressive median salary of $134,690 (£100,000). 

The school's diverse student body and faculty bring a global perspective to finance education. London's status as a global financial hub provides students with opportunities to connect with a wide range of financial institutions, making it an excellent choice for a global finance career.

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4. Harvard Business School

The birthplace of the MBA degree, renowned for its expansive alumni network and connections with titans across virtually all industries, HBS provides unparalleled networking opportunities. 

The HBS MBA's finance curriculum features case-method classes, multimedia simulations, and advanced financial theories, all of which prepare students for the challenges of leading roles within the financial industry.

Graduates are well-prepared, with a range of top financial institutions actively recruiting from HBS, including JP Morgan Chase, Morgan Stanley, and Mastercard. Among the class of 2023, 182 students entered roles in finance, making HBS one of the best MBAs for finance careers. 

3. Chicago Booth School of Business 

Another M7 business school on the list, Chicago Booth had 189 hires in 2023, marginally more than Harvard. Booth grads earned a median salary of $175,000. 

Booth's flexible curriculum allows students to tailor their education to their specific finance interests. Renowned for its quantitative approach that has underpinned financial theories for decades, the school boasts a robust alumni network and intellectual rigor. 

Booth's emphasis on curiosity and academic excellence ensures it will equip students with the skills to navigate complex financial challenges.

2. Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania

One of the world's most prestigious business schools, Wharton's MBA program is distinguished by a highly quantitative approach to finance that equips students with robust analytical skills. 

In 2023, Wharton sent the second largest number of graduates into the financial sector. The total number of 235 students entering finance amounted to 38.6% of the entire class. 

The school's close ties to Wall Street and an extensive alumni network contribute to its reputation as a finance target school. The curriculum emphasizes hands-on experience, particularly through internships, ensuring graduates are well-prepared for the demands of the financial industry.

1. Columbia Business School 

Situated in the financial capital of the world, Columbia Business School is the world's best MBA for finance careers, sending more graduates into the financial industry than any other in 2023.  

It's no surprise, considering its location in New York City, providing unparalleled access to industry leaders and opportunities, and the school's storied history of close connections to the financial sector. 

Columbia saw 256 students among the 2023 class enter the financial sector, making up 41% of the cohort. 

The school's emphasis on practical application, combined with its location, provides students with extensive networking opportunities. Columbia's prestigious reputation further solidifies its position as a finance powerhouse.

MBA Programs With The Most Finance Hires In 2023 

Choosing the right MBA program is a pivotal step toward a successful career in finance. The top 10 schools highlighted here offer unique advantages, whether through strong industry connections, innovative curricula, or global perspectives.

As you continue on your MBA journey in 2024, any of these institutions would be a worthy consideration as a launchpad into a thriving career in finance.

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All hiring data is sourced from Bloomberg.