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With thousands of business schools on offer, choosing the right place to study is an important first step towards an MBA in India

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Find out how to get into and make the most of your time at b-school with top tips from Flame University alumni at Ogilvy and EY

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Student Reviews







Excellent definition of liberal studies. Gives you the option to explore your skills and then decide. The campus is extremely beautiful. The courses have a scope of your own perspective and they are pretty fun to explore.




On Campus

A Limited Array of Unbelievable Opportunities

I am just about to enter my senior year at FLAME University. My time at FLAME has been irreplaceable in more ways than one. FLAME offers a number of major-minor combinations as part of their Liberal Arts program, of which my major is Psychology and minor, sociology. This colossal array of choice is accompanied with confusion however none of which isn't close to clarified in your first year where you're mandated to venture outside your comfort zone and try new fields. Although, all this choice comes with its limitations in the natural science fields where if an interest in you develops, FLAME is not a place where you can explore it. Outside of academics FLAME continues to offer a variety of opportunities to explore your interests such as sports or other extra-curriculars.