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University of California, Riverside

Thinking of studying an MBA but don’t have the experience? Find out how an early-career MBA can help you go from unpaid internships to working with top companies like Northrup Grumman

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The West Coast is more than sunny weather, it is also home to a network of top ranked universities. Here are five reasons you should consider the University of California for your MBA

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Simon Isaac and Natalie Qaqish used their MBA in California to leap into business careers at Pacific Life and Red Bull

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If you’re looking for an exciting career and a strong ROI, a Master in Finance or Master in Accounting might be for you

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Student Reviews

University of California, Riverside




On Campus

The campus and student life

UCR was unlike any campus I have vistes, the have a rich diverse campus culture that is welcoming and rewarding if you get involved. The faculty staff is super helpful. The school events were always a blast. Parking and dorming are something they could definitely work on.