London Business School (LBS)

Jeff Skinner, executive director of the Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at London Business School, shares his advice on how to launch a startup with an MBA

7 Jan 2020

From H1B visa changes to record MBA salaries, 2019 was a whirlwind year for business school applicants. We round up your top 10 highlights

27 Dec 2019

Competitive gaming is a growing and changing industry. There are many eSports jobs for MBA graduates looking to apply their sophisticated business knowledge

16 Dec 2019

The eSports industry has been valued at $138 billion. Here’s everything you need to know before looking for eSports jobs

16 Dec 2019

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London Business School (LBS), consistently placed at the top of global b-school rankings, offers one of the world's elite two-year MBA programmes, along with highly-respected executive courses, an experienced-level Masters in Finance and a graduate-level Masters in Management.
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