Peking University: Guanghua


The Peking University Guanghua School of Managements Global MBA is a 2-year, full-time MBA program taught in English designed for high potential professionals who aspire to become international business leaders.

The program provides a holistic general management education with an emphasis on the reality of doing business in China. A rigorous curriculum covering core business practices ensures students enhance their abilities as leaders, innovators, and entrepreneurs; whilst specialist subjects taught by Chinas leading academics provide an in-depth understanding of Chinas history, culture, and exceptional economy.

As graduates of Chinas oldest and most prestigious university, students benefit from an outstanding alumni network that transcends all areas of Chinese business and political life. As China continues to develop and play an ever-greater role in the global economy, the Global MBA provides graduates unique opportunities to advance their careers in China and the wider global economy.

The Program

In the first year of the Global MBA, core courses provide well-balanced general management education in Managerial Economics, Marketing Management, Corporate Finance, Strategic Management, Organizational Behavior, and Operations Management. In the second year, students are able to tailor their MBA to their specific interests by selecting from over 30 different elective courses, in areas such as strategy management, accounting, finance, entrepreneurship, marketing, human resource management, and information management. The second-year is structured to allow students to undertake internships or other professional projects along with academic study.

The MBA is underpinned by the integration of Humanities and Business Management teaching. Guanghua School of Management is the foremost institution in China for the provision of Chinese culture education. China-specific courses include Chinese Cultural Traditions, Business and Management, Policy and Regulations, Business Networking and Eastern Philosophy. International students will also be provided with high-quality business Chinese language training, with the opportunity to undertake the HSK qualifications.

Double Degree Program

Guanghua offers double degree opportunities for all MBA students. If you are interested in more than one of the top universities in Asia, North America and Europe, Guanghua's double degree program can achieve the goal of completing two degrees and experiencing two regions or countries in two years altogether and at a lower cost. For more information

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