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Know the Major Pros & Cons of Obtaining MBA Degree Abroad

Are you someone who is planning to obtain MBA degree from a foreign university? If your answer is YES, then it is important for you to know the benefits as well as the challenges you may face beforeha

By  Vineeta Tiwari

Fri May 16 2014

The business climate today is running on the fundamentals of ‘Globalization’. The impact of this new entity has changed the procedures in the corporates across the globe in terms of psychology, methodology, technology, mindset, work culture etc. Therefore, it is now very important to understand the cultural differences and ways of functioning effectively in a range of societies.

Pursuing higher studies abroad can actually be a solution and an enriching experience from a view point that the student will get to learn a new language, experience a different culture and gain a more sophisticated global view. Amongst various courses that a student can go for, management studies or the MBA degree is the one that is most sought after. The reason behind this fact is that a candidate gets to learn the organizational behavior and culture at a global platform and from lecturers who belong to different nationalities.

Let us now unfold some of the merits and disadvantages of studying management studies in a foreign country:


What a Student Can Expect When Studying Abroad

Planning to study MBA in a foreign country? Well, merely reaching your destination is not enough as there are certain situations that you will definitely face while your stay in another country. Here are some of the obvious scenarios that a student can expect when studying abroad:

1.      Learning New Language

An international student who has made up his mind to go for a management degree in another country should be geared up and prepared to learn a new language. It will be very difficult for a UK national to study in a university in France, if the country’s local language is not learnt.

2.      A Whole New Culture

As an international student one of the important aspects that you will come across is a whole new culture. The new culture will relate to festivals, leaves and general way of greeting or addressing people. Every country shares its own culture and adapting to it is the best antidote for an international student.

Apart from these general aspects, there are other pros and cons associated with acquiring a MBA degree in an abroad country. Let us discuss these now:

Studying MBA in Abroad: The Benefits

There are two aspects associated with the benefits one can reap from acquiring MBA degree from overseas. The first aspect is related to the cultural know-how and the second aspect is related to the job prospects a student can consider for himself.

The two advantageous aspects are detailed below:

Cultural Know-How:

A Vice President of an international bank quotes that while studying and obtaining a MBA degree from a foreign country, a student gets the opportunity of learning a new language. This has been regarded as one of the major benefits as you as a student will get to know the intricacies of the language and thereby you will get comfortable talking to almost anyone in the campus.

Earning a MBA degree abroad is ultimately not only a great way to gain organizational skills but also a fantastic way to know how different a culture is from your own, since you will not only interact with the nationals but also be exposed to people from different countries.

Bright Employment Prospects

The universities in different parts of the world that are offering accredited MBA courses for international students prepare them well for mid-level and management roles in businesses. Through these courses, a student is exposed to all areas of business including finance, accounting, Human Resource, to list a few, under the aegis of professors belonging to different nationalities. The benefits from employment point of view are unfolded now:

·         Impact on Salary

Whether one personally agrees or not - people often equate success to their salary and benefit packagesand overall,  it's good news for students pursuing an MBA at a foreign country. If you are graduating from university like London Business School for example, you can easily expect a good starting pay package. The university has reported employment rate of 91 per cent for MBA graduates.

So, if it’s the salary you are looking at then an MBA will be worth striving for.

·         Career Growth and Mobility

Experienced people in the industry say that the preconception behind earning an MBA degree is to boost one’s career. Well, that is quiet true owing to the fact that acquiring management degree abroad will obviously offer you a broader platform to learn and grow both academically and culturally. Attaining such exposure will assuredly offer the international student a lot of confidence to perform and sustain for a longer period of time. This way career options and mobility can be expanded.

Studying MBA in Abroad: The Pitfalls

As they say, every bright thing comes with its own share of pros and cons. Similarly, if studying MBA abroad carries loads of benefits then there is certainly a dark side to it, which you as an international student should be aware of.

There are two major turn-offs associated with obtaining MBA degree abroad and these can be easily avoided if tackled strategically. Here are the pitfalls with a remedy for students out there:

·         Cost

It doesn’t matter whether you are pursuing your MBA degree from America or European countries, cost will always be an issue as foreign countries have expensive healthcare and high rent expenses. The best antidote for this is to look out for universities that offer scholarships with a longer validity.

·         A New Way of Life

While your stay in the university campus, a student will have to face new people, their culture and their style of living. MBA programs offer internships that can place you anywhere in the country, a flocked place or a remote area. This may appear as a barrier but it is important for you as a student to understand that you are not the first one and you won’t be the last. Therefore, the best escape is to spend time and learn the culture with a composed attitude.

The Bottom Line

In the end, it all comes down to your personal opinion, yourgoals, abilities and aspirations. Barriers are part of life and they will stay where they are so the best solution is to face them with whole guts and wit. Acquiring a MBA degree abroad can be challenging but if handled tactfully nothing can be rewarding than this. Be it the cultural barriers or the financial hurdles; things can be sort out if research of the university is done correctly and adaptability is inculcated within.

About the Author: Vineeta Tiwari enjoys writing for any genre ranging from education to employment. She has been making use of her tech know-how and writing skills to carve a niche for herself in the communication domain for quite some time now. She has written many informative write-ups for known education portals like Shiksha.com, which reaches out to both national and international readers.