Nanyang Business School Q&A

Where did you grow up?

In a city near to Napoli, called Castellammare di Stabia, in the south of Italy.

You come from an engineering background, any specific reason why you become interested in business and management?

Engineering and business have a lot in common. They are both about turning your vision into something that exists in the real world.  I started in the IT-related field of engineering, but shifted more to business when I realised commercial projects tend to have a faster pace and a larger scope.  

You previously worked for some big-name multinationals such as Deloitte Consulting and ING, what was the reason that you decided to take a break in your career and undertake an MBA?

The MBA plan dates back a long way - to  my undergraduate years. I always thought that I would complement my engineering training with business skills.  But  I wanted to work first - to understand what type of business environment suits me the most, so that I could be focused afterwards and get the most out of the MBA.  

Why did you choose Nanyang Business School?

My main drivers in choosing the b-school were location and ranking. I love Singapore as a place to live. I was traveling here occasionally, and I felt that moving [here] would be really easy and fun. Singapore lived up to the promise. Nanyang's fast-rising ranking gave me the impression of an institution that's aggressively creating its own space in the tough b-school world.


Which class has taught you the most?

So far, I have loved the classes on Value Based Innovation, Merger & Acquisition, Technology and e-business. They have taught me the most because these are the classes I was most interested in and could readily absorb. The MBA is a lot about this: to discover where your playing field is. 

What has been your highlight so far studying and living in Singapore?

Singapore makes your study life a lot easier, as there are always exciting ways to release the MBA stress, such as traveling to the endless beautiful nearby locations, or mingling with the Singaporean crowd (always very friendly and open), or relaxing in the spacious Nanyang Campus, which is full of nature and green areas.

Are you one of the “rare-breed” of Italian students who take their MBA education in Asia? Where do Italians normally go for their MBAs?

Well, I think a lot of Italians have no clue about Asia, they probably hardly distinguish Singapore from China! So they mostly choose European schools. 

What’s next for you after this MBA?

I will probably be back in consulting, with an eye on healthcare strategic issues in Asia.  

And how do you think this MBA from Nanyang Business School can prepare you for your future career?

I am studying and doing projects about strategy and healthcare. We’ll see if the preparation is good enough for the career I want!

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